Glow Sticks Help You Have Fun, Survival and Seeing at Night

The secret to camping fun, trekking excitement, and survival needs are Glow Sticks

When you are out in the wild and the sun goes down light, next to fire is your best friend.

Today, we are going to look at some of the best Glow Sticks around that can fulfill a number of needs.

If you are lost, you have a beacon that can be seen from the air or lead a search party to you. When you are looking to add some glitz to an otherwise dull party and finally give you 12-14 hours of continuous light that wouldn’t waste your flashlight’s battery. So, with this in mind, we have chosen 3 different sets of glow sticks, fill these niches.

Each can be found on Amazon and in just a short time they all could be at your door ready to go to work for you in the case of emergency, fun, and provide light when it is dark, and electricity is at a premium.

How to Let People Know Where You Are

When you are lost in the woods, the ordinary green glow sticks are not the ones you want in your camping, hiking, and survival gear. Bright colors work much better. (20 Glow Mind Light Sticks.)

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That’s why we recommend going with fluorescent colors like Yellow, Red, White, Fluorescent Green and Blue. You can be seen at a greater distance and have a better chance of being found sooner.

What’s even better they have a shelf life of over 4 years. So, they can be stocked up on by Preppers a box at a time to spread out your gear buying over time to allow you to budget your BOB (Bug Out Bag) for if and when TWEAWKI.

Liven Up Your Parties and Other Fun Activities

An assortment 467different glow sticks that from necklaces, bracelets, eyeglasses, and balls. Mix and match ’em to make your next party, rave, and any other event a rousing success. (BUDI 200 Glow Sticks 467Pcs Glow Party Favors)

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You not only get those bracelets that everyone loves, but necklaces, and the connectors to make your own wild creations. They also provide enough light so that your guest can find their way home as well. They also can be used on campouts so everyone can find each other on a midnight hike.

If you are working in tight dark spaces, need light while walking at night or in the rain and if your car breaks down

These industrial strength Glow Sticks can but out enough light to get the job done. They come with their own lanyards and hook to your Load bearing harness in a flash. (25 6″ Industrial Grade Green Light Sticks.)

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With up to 14 hours of light, you conserve your batteries and still have enough to work or hike by. Also, they put out enough light to read by. So, when you need light anywhere, you turn to these little darlings that have the endurance and can wait for up to 3 years sitting in your survival and camping gear without complaint.

Final Thoughts

So, for whatever your needs we have found the best Glow Sticks to fit that need. We have focused in just 3 areas of use. We are sure you can find many more besides. Now you know some uses and where to get the types of Glow Sticks you want and need.

So, with that, we leave you until we find more exciting things that can help you get on with your life and make it a bit easier.

Best Glow Sticks on Sale