Fun Throw Pillows That Spice Up your Décor

Throw Pillows are an easy way to liven up any room, so if you’ve been thinking that your home is drab-looking, then consider these economical ideas. Even on a budget, you can find beautiful throw pillows to place around various rooms of your home. Pair these with other interesting items such as a couch throw. Throws go well with pillows to warm up any space. F

or instance, add a soft lilac colored throw across the back of your couch, then place several lavender striped throw pillows on the sofa. Add a vase of lilac flowers to a nearby table, and you’ve got an instant room makeover.

throw pillows

Throw pillows add pizzazz to a space by giving it a stylish demeanor, while tying other room colors together. You may be thinking of a room right now that needs help. This happens to all of us. We live in a space for years and rarely think about how it looks until friends come over. That’s when you begin to notice the cobwebs, dust, frumpy couch, and tired lamps.

Make up your mind to freshen up those bland spaces in your home. Sometimes, we want to get our home spruced up for the holidays. That’s a good excuse to do an old-fashioned cleaning, then start thinking about how to energize the room.

Fresh Paint Plus Colorful Throw Pillows

If possible, a fresh coat of paint always makes things look brand new. If not, then try just painting one accent wall. You could also cover one wall with an attractive wallpaper. Study your room first to see what the primary colors are, then work with those.

If your couch is beige or brown, then you could use almost any coordinating colors. All the shades of green and blue would work. A lovely peach color would also make a nice contrast.

Use your accent color in throw pillows and other room decorations. Imagine a beige couch with peach colored accent wall behind it and decorative throw pillows that have a floral peach and beige design.

decorative throw pillows

Throw Pillows That Wow!

Various shades of blue and green go well with brown and many families have brown leather furniture. Remember to repeat the colors with various items like pottery, flowers, a couch throw or pillows. Changing the furniture around is a good fix that’s economical.

Once you get the room rearranged, add some interest to the space with new drapes. Whether you have hardwood floors or carpet, you can add a lovely rug that brings all elements together. Complete the look with elegant throw pillows.