Free Movies and TV Series with Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is an application to watch free movies or TV series with. It uses Torrents to instantly stream the selected movie. The interface is comparable with Netflix. So you see a thumbnail of movies, select the movie you wish to see and select your subtitle and just press play and the movie will instantly play.

The movie will download without you noticing something. So Popcorn Time actually makes downloading look old school. Why would you wait a day or something for a movie or your favorite TV series. That’s the exact reason why Popcorn Time has gain a lot of popularity lately.

Of course because it’s free has played a big role as well. But we think if Popcorn Time would cost money people would still not back off from it and would still use Popcorn Time simply because it’s an amazing app.

Popcorn Time has got all the new movies. Yes, also the movies that are playing in the cinema’s or even before they pop up in the cinema’s. Popcorn Time has got thousands of movies in their collection since it uses Bittorrent it most likely got all the movies and TV series that are up in the internet.

If you don’t know where to download Popcorn Time just download it from it’s safe & free. If you are looking to try out other services you could check out Stremio on it’s an alternative movie streaming app for Popcorn Time.

The creators of Popcorn Time said that the Popcorn Time service will never be taken offline. So you won’t have to be scared that i twill be taken offline when you get used to this fantastic app. Popcorn Time was made for everyone. It was created with the thought of “it should be that simple to use Popcorn Time that even parents without any computer knowledge could use it’’ and it worked out quite well. Since Popcorn Time allows you to play a movie in just 2 clicks with subtitles embedded and all it’s the easiest app around.