Fire Safety Essentials for Student Accommodation Companies

When you oversee apartments or rooms let to student tenants who are young and perhaps living away from their parental home for the first time, you can never be too cautious when it comes to ensuring their safety.

Fire safety should be a top concern; kitting the properties out with the right protective items not only improves the safety of your tenants, it’ll make sure that you’re covered in the event of an incident since you took all preventative measures.

Student Accommodation

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#1. Fire Extinguishers

First and foremost, you will need to make sure that your student tenants have easy access to a fire extinguisher at home. This way, if something does happen such as a fire on the stove or an accident with a candle, it can be dealt with quickly and with minimum damage as a result. A fire blanket is also a good idea along with an extinguisher; these can be used to put out smaller fires and will create less mess. See this fire protection Toronto company for more information.

#2. Check the Smoke Alarms

Ensuring that there is a fully working smoke alarm in each room of your student house is a top responsibility for you as a landlord. Smoke alarms can be the difference between life and death; if there were a fire during the night the sound would wake the tenants up quickly and allow them to flee the danger. Not only should you check that the smoke alarms in the home are working each time there is a change of tenancy, this task should also be carried out regularly throughout the year during home inspections.

#3. Kitchen Safety

Some student complexes will have a kitchen in each separate apartment or room, whilst others will have one kitchen and dining hall where students are provided with food. Whatever the situation, kitchen safety should be at the top of the priority list. This should ideally involve forbidding tenants from using appliances such as deep fat fryers, ensuring that all kitchens on the site are regularly checked for hazards whilst properly maintained, and using stoves or other kitchen appliances that have additional safety features, for example automatic switch-off or electric hob rings that light up when hot.

#4. Fire Drills

Keeping everybody safe in the event of a fire-related incident is important, especially when the company you oversee is responsible for potentially hundreds of students. Regular fire alarm tests and fire drills will keep everybody on their toes and ensure that nobody’s unfamiliar with what to do and where to go if the alarm were to sound unexpectedly. Ideally, you should select a meeting point that’s as far away from the building as possible. Be sure that any lifts inside the buildings are avoided when the fire alarm sounds.

Fire safety is paramount in any accommodation for college students. Ensuring you provide each tenant with the right equipment and tools to deal with fire incidents in any part of the accommodation block will minimize the level of risk to everybody.