Fashion Tips and Tricks for XL Men

Fit doesn’t equal thin, and good looking comes in all shapes and sizes. Settling for loose, shabby, or dull clothes won’t stop people from noticing your size, but it will stop people from noticing you. Non matter what your measurements are, you can embrace style and start sculpting your own taste.

Whether you’re broad-shouldered, brawn all over, or a big cuddly teddy bear, you can still dress well. Adapt to your body type and find styles that show it off at its best. This blog post hopes to give you a fresh idea of what to look for next time you’re buying.

Looser isn’t better

It’s a common mistake to reach for a shirt several Xs too L in an attempt to hide under them all, or maybe to avoid having to figure out exactly how many Xs you should be wearing right now.

Although tight-fitting textiles are obviously not the answer, too-large clothes can make you look even bigger. Find something that skims your outline with a well-tailored fit.

A Touch of Formality

Nothing shows that you care about the way you look, and that you know how to dress, more than a touch of formality. Suspenders, a vest or a blazer make it clear that you’ve got an eye for quality and elegance, and that you’re not shy about being the best-dressed guy at the office or in the bar after work.

To up your game even more, add a splash of bold colour or something with a vintage flair. A fantastic tie can do wonders by drawing attention to your eyes, your hair, your glasses or your shoes, creating a first impression of coordinated style rather than your overall size.


In T-shirts, go for thicker, quality fabric that will hold its own shape. A fun picture or diagram is a great way to make the most of that extra real estate by showing off your personality. When buying dress-shirts, go for a subtle pattern. Vertical stripes are praised for their legendary ability to make you appear thinner, but a range of other handsome subtle prints can do it just as well.

It’s quite important with button-up shirts to make sure they’re the right size, as strained buttons are never a good look (unless you’re in the middle of ripping your shirt off). A well-chosen shirt, that’s closer to too loose than too tight, paired with a well-designed blazer, is always appropriate.

As for pants – unless you really want to show off your killer calves and bangin’ booty, don’t go for the skinny-jeans or stovepipe chinos. If you’re going for impressive formal suit pants for work or an occasion, it’s probably worth paying the extra to have them fitted for you. When buying denim, choose regular fit or boot cut jeans.

In summary: dress like you want to be looked at, and express yourself. Life is too short to hide away in boring clothes that don’t say anything about who you are, and make you feel like you’re better off staying inside. Get your hands on a few things you’re really proud to wear and get out there!