Fantabulous Makeup Tips for Women Who Wear Glasses

When I first got glasses, it felt like a big dent on my ‘feel good’ level. I have almond shaped eyes that are small and they looked even smaller behind glasses. As always, I logged on to Google to get some help on how to look good even with glasses. I was blown away by the super helpful tricks I came across. Now after wearing glasses for more than 5 years, I know of several makeup tricks. Some I discovered online and some I found out myself by experimenting and testing.

Add to it the era we live in where wearing glasses is also considered stylish. So the next time you find yourself reaching for lens, don’t! Instead adopt these incredibly useful tips to give your look a boost with glasses!

1. Counteract the Shadows Caused by Glasses

Since most glasses cast an under eye shadow, it’s vital that you pay close attention on covering your dark circles. If you have minor dark circles, opt for a compact which has a light-medium coverage. If you have major dark circles, use an orange corrector first to cancel the darkness. Then proceed with applying concealer upon it. If you don’t use corrector, you will create an ashy effect on your dark circles. You need not search high and low for adding orange corrector to your beauty box. Browse through coupons for Amazon on CashKaro and hop on to Amazon and to get one at discounted prices with the bonus of Cashback.

shadows caused by glasses

2. Don’t Skip on Mascara

When I was new to this makeup game, I read a lot of articles advising to not wear mascara if you wear glasses. The logic behind that being that your curl will hit the glasses. It turns out I followed the wrong advice for a year but not anymore. The trick is to use volumizing mascara and not a curling one. Mascara that packs on voluminous lashes gives a great lift to your eyes without your lashes touching your glasses. There’s no uncomfortable feel this way.

3. Don’t Ignore Your Brows

How you frame your brows depends a lot on the style of glasses you wear. If you wear glasses which have a thick rim, it is best that you don’t fill in your brows too much. Otherwise they can create a harsh effect. Ensure to fill in your brows without over-doing them. Brows can actually change your makeup game. And with glasses, they matter even more! If you don’t own any brow filling product, don’t fret! Visit Flipkart to shop for a range of eyebrow grooming products. Don’t miss out searching for fabulous coupons for Flipkart on CashKaro to get discounted prices.

Dont ignore your brows

4. Eye Shadow Questions

There have been countless opinions on how to wear eye makeup with glasses and certain do’s and don’ts. However the truth is that the way you do your eyes depends upon your frame as well as taste. With a big frame, you have more room to play with your eyes. With colored frames, you need to ensure that you don’t go too heavy with your eye makeup and certainly not add more colors on your eyes. Neutral eyes accompanied with a touch of color on lips can work in your favour. Bold lips work best in cases when you wear frames of dark shade such as navy blue, black or deep purple.

Eye shadow questions

5. Create Dimensions

Flat face looks very dull with glasses. Go for a summer glow by applying bronzer. Add beautiful warmth to your face by opting for a rosy pink or warm coral blush. Do apply blush according to your face shape. If you can afford to add more minutes to your beauty routine, learn subtle contouring and adopt it. It can make a big difference and can literally change your beauty game.