Facts you Need to Know When Buying Hardwood Flooring

This type of flooring adds an air of elegance to any home that cannot be matched by having carpet or tile floors. Yes, hardwood flooring is more expensive but it holds up well in high-traffic area.

Hardwood flooring has a comfort zone and will perform better when the indoor environment where it is to be installed has a temperature range from 60 to 80 degrees F and a humidity range from 35 to 55 percent. The three types of hardwood flooring are:

Acrylic impregnated

This type is like the engineered wooden flooring but the difference is that the planks that are infused with an acrylic of high strength to increase the floorings durability and strength.


This is the type that is preferred for a home with a basement. It is 0.75 inches thick and if properly cared for it will last a lifetime.


This type is less expensive because the slats of wood used are constructed in a fashion that is similar to plywood with a top layer of veneer.

Before purchasing your new hardwood flooring there are some facts that you need to know first.

Hardwood Flooring


The moisture content of the subfloor and wood must be within two to four percentage points of each other. The subfloor must also not exceed twelve percent moisture content. Twenty-four hours before you have the flooring installed the material must achieve a room temperature of 65-80 degrees F to have the right acclimation. Make sure that you follow the directions of the manufacture of how to store the material to get the proper acclimation. The instructions will tell you whether to store the material in the center of the room, opened or unopened, or at the edges of the room.

Moisture content

The average approved moisture content should be between six and nine percent but every manufacture of hardwood flooring will slightly vary.

Climate control

This is quite possible the most common reason that a customer is dissatisfied with their hardwood flooring purchase. Through the life of the installation of the hardwood flooring it is very critical that the proper humidity level and temperature be maintained. If there is improper climate control it could result in the hardwood flooring gapping or shrinking in the winter and swelling in the summer.

Nail down flooring

A common mistake in the installation of solid flooring is having the proper nail length, spacing between the nails, and the gauge of the nail. Make sure that before you start to nail down your hardwood flooring that you double check the thickness and manufacture of the subfloor. When using a pneumatic nailer be sure to pay very close attention to the correct PSI settings.

Natural product variations

One beauty of hardwood flooring is the difference between the boards. No two pieces will be alike and that is what makes this type of flooring looks luxurious. When doing a layout of your hardwood flooring select the grain and color of each board to make the layout perfect.

Source: Flooring Downriver Michigan