Facts about Installing New Faucets

As is the case to most people, installing Waterfall Faucets is a breeze. Most people can do it without any help from professional or expert. By just bit of effort you can install it by yourself too, saving costs on hiring professionals. But still you must take a note that, faucet installation still requires bit of skill to follow instructions properly. Before getting to install faucet, you should remember the following points.

Waterfall Faucets

Top or Bottom?

All faucets are not created equal, there are many types of faucets available for you to install. Ball type, cartridge type, compression or disc type faucets are some of those. And you should learn the difference between them before choosing one. Another decision that is critical for faucet’s functionality is that if you require boot mounted faucet or top mounted.

Bottom Mounted Faucet

You should securely hold the faucet from the bottom in this type of faucet initially. Once it is held firmly, you just have to fix threads and washers to mounting nuts. Then some putty will be good idea to hold the escutcheons. At last step you have to install the handles.

Top Mount

It may seem much easier to manage the installation of this type of faucet for most people. Most of the new versions flooding the market are pre-installed with their own gaskets. Even if your model doesn’t have its own gasket, you can still use the putty to fix it. But make sure that you use the right amount of it. Once the putty starts settling, put the faucet over it and affix it firmly on the place. Put the nuts and washers for final fixing of the faucet.

Water Line Connection

Even though your faucet has been installed on its place, but still bringing the water lines to the faucet remain. Just connect the appropriate cold or hot lines to their paths to the shot valves. To make sure that the connection is firm enough, you can use pipe tape to hold it. Before giving the green signal to turn on the water supply, do double check all the connections to make sure that everything is OK.

Even if you haven’t understood it well, the only point here is to just go through the instructions properly and you will be good to go. If you get a faucet that comes with handy instruction manual, you will be lucky on saving your time. Even if it doesn’t come with instruction manual, there are still many DIY instruction sites online for you.

Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet

Tips and Tricks

It seems pretty easy task by now to install your faucet yourself. Only thing to keep in mind is the instructions and understanding well before applying them. Sometimes, getting ready for the installation might be the greatest concern for many. You will have to decide before getting faucet if you require it for bathroom or kitchen. Even though most designs are suitable for both, still some are just suited to one of them at a time.

Another thing to be considerate of is the faucet size. For smaller kitchen sizes, smaller size of faucet should be opted for and vice versa. To make most use of your smaller kitchen space, you should choose the Wall Mount Bathroom Sink Faucet. This will make use of your space most efficiently since it will be wall mountable.

Number of handles does make a difference as well. Because the two handle versions are much suited for better mix of hot and cold water, while the single handle one saves you time and is not that good for getting custom mix of water from both stream.