Everything You Need to Know About Dog Pregnancy

So your dog is covered by its partner and you expect it to be pregnant. Remember that at the beginning it shows almost no signs of pregnancy. Only after 25-30 days since the intercourse can you expect changes in behavior. There comes a characteristic calm, loss of childhood playfulness and settling of character. In most cases, pregnancy may not be found until the last days before the birth. In those days you will observe an increase in mammary glands subsequent release on the external genitalia, etc. Pregnancy in dogs lasts about 60 days. Dog pregnancy signs – to be sure 100%, the dog is pregnant you must consult a veterinarian. Pregnancy can be detected by palpation (touch) of the abdominal wall, and in laboratory conditions – by hormonal tests.

Then comes the moment of birth. The pregnant dog begins to search for a place to make a “nest”. Usually animals choose the most secretive place for solitude and move there everything they can find (rags, clothes, towels, etc.). If you want to make thing easy for them, provide them unnoticed such things and leave them in peace. Do not attempt to impose their chosen location – nothing will happen as you want it to be.

Dogs cope by themselves at birth. After the leak of the amniotic fluid the first puppy appears. The mother releases it separately from the placenta and umbilical cord breaks. Then begins to intensively lick it. Thus she achieves two things – cleans the puppy of mucus and massages its body. Then the mother eats the placenta. Subsequent puppies appear at intervals of 15-30 minutes. Normal birth lasts several hours and depends on the number of offspring.

If you notice that a long time after the amniotic fluid is released the first offspring does not appear or that something else threatens the mother’s life, seek help from a veterinarian.

Immediately after birth the mother begins breastfeeding her young. Breastfeeding continues until about 40 days of age. Its duration is closely linked to maternal nutrition and the number of offspring. If you want everything to flow normally, increase the care and observe the necessary requirements for feeding lactating mothers. Remember also that you have to treat your darling and her brood very carefully because maternal instincts are very strong and dog mother is often very aggressive.

Usually, young dogs don’t have problems during dog pregnancy and birth. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend to look for help from a veterinarian throughout the whole process. Thus, you will avoid any complication and will happily enjoy the arrival of your new family members.