How Drone Photography is going to Change the Real-Estate Market

In the competitive real estate market, staying ahead of the trends is key. You need to figure out what you can offer that will set you aside from your competition, which is why you should consider looking into drones. Technically speaking, drones are unmanned aircrafts that fly without a pilot (autonomously). They are either controlled from a remote, or from a computer and they have revolutionized the way that we view our surroundings.

The unique viewpoint that is offered by a drone can be used as a huge asset to the real estate industry. Whether you are trying to sell a new development, or show off a listing from a new angle – drones can help you to elevate your style. Here are a few examples of how you can use drones to change up your game.

Drone Photography

Aerial Shots

I’m going to break aerial shots down into two different categories: home builders and agents

  • Home Builders- People like the feeling of being in control. Particularly when it comes to an expensive purchase like a home. If you want to build confidence with your potential buyers, you should consider offering them the inside scoop into the development. You can show them some time lapse videos of the production cycle – from when you started to dig until the laying of the foundation of the home.
  • Agents – If you are trying to sell a house, get a little creative. Use aerial shots to bring a totally different angle to the sale. Everyone has seen the traditional picture: single family home, two door garage, and some nice interlocking to the door. Change the view! Bring a bird’s eye shot – it’s original and unexpected

Lifestyle Shots

You can also use the drone to emphasize the surroundings of the property. Maybe the development is close to a forest or a stream – let your buyers feel the lifestyle by exposing them to all of the nature around them. Alternatively, maybe your buyer is looking for a child friendly neighborhood, and you can use aerial shots to demonstrate that the streets are closed in and a far away from major roads. It is all about building expectations for the buyer and connecting them to their purchase.

Gated Communities

Gated living speaks of prestige and elegance – with a price tag to match. If you really want to sell a client on gated living you need to show them what they are missing. Driving up to the gate, knowing that it’s exclusive to only them. All of the homes are impressive and large, on a street with nice trees and greenery. Don’t leave anything to the client’s imagination – bring it all to them. If you want to a see great example of a gated community documented with drone aerial photography, check out this video below…


Balconies and Pools

There really isn’t a better way to display a pool or balcony than from above. These features technically sell themselves. However, as they become more standard in houses, they lose some of their “wow” factor. If you get a nice time-lapse shot taken from sunrise to sunset around the house – featuring the pool and balcony, you can really make it look like a vacation home. Remind the buyer that they want to wake up and sip coffee in that house. It will give them a feeling of “a day in the life”.

Balconies and Pools

Running your own drones will take practice and training before you can really master the best shots. If you don’t want to wait until you know how to use drones inside and out, I would recommend searching out a service that specializes in drone photography. Before you agree to work with anyone, please make sure that they are insured and legal. You need special permits to fly drones, and you don’t want to get caught up in a legal battle because you didn’t do your research. One service that you can check out is Extreme Aerial Productions. EAP are FAA Certified, insured and legally approved to fly drones. You can check their portfolio for some of their past jobs and you’ll see that they have done quite a lot of real estate drone photography.

When it comes to drones, it feels like we are only at the tip of iceberg. I’d recommend jumping on the trend now, before everyone becomes a pro. Don’t miss your opportunity to stand out from the crowd – start doing your research now!

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