Do I Need a Family Lawyer To Represent Me?

As experienced family law providers, DNG Law Offices knows that representing oneself in court is usually a bad idea.  This is not because people are dumb or stupid but because the legal system is designed in a way to be so complex that it is extremely hard to navigate without proper training.

There are a few reasons why you may feel like representing yourself is a good idea but there are many overwhelming reasons why you should NOT.

Family Law is complex

The rules and statutes regarding family law are very complex and lengthy. Even if you have access to all the rules and study them, most are open to interpretation and rely heavily on precedent of previous case resolutions.  You will lack the necessary experience to successfully deal with your case without professional representation.

Document preparation and filing

There are many papers and forms to fill out in order to make it through a trial.  Documents need to be provided to all parties involved and filed with the court.  Screw up this portion and you may have just hung yourself without even saying a word.  It is best to rely on an experienced family court attorney to navigate for you.

Determine your best course of action

Anytime you have a court case it is best to have a defined plan of action to follow.  This includes knowing your rights and how they apply to the current situation.  Your family lawyer will have the experience to advise you on your best options and see to it that you follow through.

Your time is valuable

Court cases can undoubtedly take up a lot of time.  If you have a full time job you may find it near impossible to balance the time demands of both at once.  Hiring a lawyer will most likely be a cheaper option than taking time off your own work to study and prepare for court as your family lawyer will be able to do the same job much quicker and more effectively.


If you go to trial and lose, you may be on the hook for substantial court fees or other costs.  Not to mention that you may have lost a lot of money from the trial outcome, which was the whole, reason for going to trial in the first place.

For the above reasons, it is never a good idea to go into a trial scenario without an experienced family lawyer in your corner.  The expenditure may seem like a lot but in the long run it is worth every penny.  For the best, most experienced family lawyers in Ottawa, make sure to consult with the experts at DNG Law Offices.  Reach out to them through their website found at  They will take the time to discuss your position with you during a free consultation and will stand by you throughout your trial until it’s completion.

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