What Are the Dimensions of a Sleeper Sofa

Many of us have limited space. In this case, sleeper sofa becomes handy. Before you run off to buy, it is important to know about the dimensions of a sleeper sofa. They come in various sizes and measures. If you buy without any knowledge, then there might be problems. You may have difficulty setting it. If you buy a large one, but the room is small, then it will not fit. Also, if you buy a small one, then there are chances that you might not fit. To get the perfect sleeper sofa, you need to consider different sizes.

Sleeper Sofa

The Dimensions of a Sleeper Sofa

Before buying, try to measure the size of the area you want the sleeper sofa to be. It is important to measure how much space is left after you place the sofa. All these should be measured before. So, to buy the best sleeper sofa make sure to understand the needed size.

Twin sleeper sofa

A typical twin sleeper sofa’s width is around 39 inches. It is like a sofa where you can sleep with full comfort. When the entire sofa is opened in a complete way, it becomes double. The width should be around 54 inches. And the length should be around 84 inches. The dimensions are pretty big. So, you need more space for this type of bedding sofa.

If one person is only using the sofa for sleeping purpose, then it is best not to open the entire sofa. You can use one side. This sofa is best if many visitors visit you on a regular basis. Also, you can place this in your children’s room. This way, the friends of you children can stay over for the night without any problem. They can sit and play on it. Also, they can study. After all the hard work, they can sleep in it too.

Full-size sleeper sofa

In a full-size sleeper sofa, two people can sleep in a comfortable manner. Here, after opening the width is around 72 inches. And the length is around 90 inches. This type of sofa cum bed is not for everyday use. It is wise to use them occasionally. For seating purpose, this is perfect for two adults to sit in a comfortable manner. It is a lot bigger than any standard size sofa.

Say for you have extra guests. You can use this sofa to provide them a comfortable and relaxing seating arrangement. As the sleeper’s sofa are compact, you can fit it in a small space. There are different varieties. You may buy either leathers or fabrics oriented sofas.

Queen size sleeper sofa

The households commonly use a queen size sleeper sofa. After you open the full sofa it becomes a queen size bed. The width is around 84 inches. And the length is around 90 inches. Since it is commonly used, you will find it easy to buy them. As they are almost available everywhere. Keep in mind that this is a big sofa cum bed. So, you need more space than usual.

Three adults can sit in this sofa in a comfortable way before opening it. After you open it, two adults can sleep without touching each other. It has that much of space. If you have a bigger room, you can place this to enjoy its full benefits.

Final words

For any home that has a space constraint, it is wise to measure the dimensions. This will enable you to determine the right size for your room. Try to measure the length and width. It is best to do a little research before buying. That way you will buy the one that you can pack and unpack without any trouble.

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