Difference between Conventional vs. Online Quran Reading

If Muslims want to learn the Quran, they have two choices. First, they join a local class in their nearby Islamic Center which is called the conventional method. The other option is to join an online Quran class. This means you will hire an online Quran teacher. There are many people who still don’t know the difference between these two different learning methods. Most Muslims choose online learning due to its convenience.

One of the prime reasons why people choose for Quran tutors on the internet is that it’s very comfortable. It’s more suitable for those with busy lifestyles. It will be difficult to find a local Quran class which meets their schedule.

Learn the Differences

With online Quran classes, students can match their sessions with their work. There will be no obstacle finding an online Quran tutor. There are so many online schools available to join. Why is it difficult to find local Quran tutor? For some reasons, it’s hard to find conventional classes in the United States because the Islamic Centers are not near to everyone. The internet can overcome this issue.

People can work with professional tutors on the internet regardless of the state they are living in. They only need a Laptop and a good and speedy internet connection. There’s no need to go outside or traveling. It makes the learning procedure easier. Not to mention online teachers work at students’ own pace and this is the beauty of online Quran courses.

Joining conventional classes in the local Islamic Center is considered inconvenient for most of the students because in a local class, every student has different school schedule with different activities and they can’t manage to take regular classes in that local school. The other reason of being inconvenient is that every student has a different pace of learning. Some have a slow pace while others can learn fast. It’s quite uncomfortable for some students.

In this case, they need to find a specific class that meets their pace in learning Quran. Each student progresses differently. With online classes, people shouldn’t worry too much about their learning capabilities. The tutor can decide what’s best for them. Plus, the teacher is quite dedicated. Students can take advantage of it. In short, they can learn to read Quran in the most efficient way by hiring online Quran teachers.

The Interaction

In terms of interaction, online learning isn’t quite good. Conventional Quran classes win this aspect. If people join a traditional class, they are able to interact with others on a regular basis. This is quite satisfying for some reasons. Online classes provide some interactive tools that students can use.

At least, these can help them interact either with the tutor or other students. Still, these won’t be as fun as the real interaction. Some online classes also provide an advanced feature such as video interaction. This increases the communication effectiveness of the learning process.

In summary, there are crucial differences between conventional and online Quran classes. When it comes to the efficacy, online learning wins the competition. It also provides many other benefits including affordability, more courses, tutor’s choice, convenience and time saving.

However, traditional learning provides the benefit in terms of interaction. Students can build a strong connection with friends in the class. What about the price? Some people consider online learning is way more expensive than the traditional one. Well, it isn’t entirely true. If it is compared with the convenience and outcome, this will seem economical.

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