How to Decorate a Home Office without Spending Too Much Money

Working from home is one of the most rewarding options a lot of women have. They can spend time around their kids, keep an eye on all the things which need to be done around the house and yet still focus on running a business and earning an income. Home offices become a little sanctuary for them which needs equal attention to the rest of the space of the house.

Especially for women! because they love to personalise their workplaces and they cannot usually go ahead and do whatever they have in mind when working for a large company within their own headquarters. Home offices are the perfect place for a bit of interior design. The real challenge comes however when one has to decorate on a budget. Well, we have some tips to breathe new life into your home office and keep your spending low.

Make the space represent you, but keep in mind functionality over appearance

Unlike other offices, when working from home you have the freedom to choose how your space looks and feels without the danger of everyone else judging your decisions. However, poor choices in specific things which are used on a daily basis will make you regret your judgement and will eventually result in extra costs in the long run.

Don’t think you are the first to do this, to try making the space look pretty. You are not the first one to discover that your back hurts because you bought the good looking chair over the comfortable, ergonomic office chair. Don’t think you are the first one to discover there is not enough storage for all the documents you keep piling up. Listen to other people’s advice so you avoid the unpleasant realisation of wrong decisions.

Don’t want to spend too much? Think essentials

Depending on your business, you may need office supplies which others do not. Most people need a desk, a chair, and storage units for paperwork. Others may need extra chairs for guests coming in for consultations. Your own occupation will dictate the essentials. Don’t buy the cheapest things you can find, but don’t buy the most expensive either.

Think about alternatives: there are many people online re-selling their goods, there are charity shops selling furniture, there are online auctions for the best prices on specific products. Do a thorough search on every item you need – you will be surprised to find that the things you want are not necessarily the most expensive ones.

5 Essential Tips in Home Office Decoration:

Decorate a Home Office

1. Consider good office illumination

If you spend 6+ hours a day in your home office, you need to treat your eyes with respect.

Leave your windows clear of any thick, dark curtains that may block natural sunlight from coming in. Use affordable plain transparent curtain which don’t do anything else but keep away curious outside gazes and strong sun rays from your computer screen. Plain white curtains should be the most common ones and thus the cheapest. If you can keep your computer away from direct sunlight, you can avoid curtains altogether.

If you work after dark or even at night, you need a desk lamp with an energy efficient strong light bulb. Maybe even two desk lamps. Don’t economise on the energy efficient light bulb. Economise on the lamps. They need to be easy to adjust for desk use in various positions and angles, but they won’t cost a fortune as they can be found quite easily, in various shops for interior design.

A colourful item will cheer the space during day time too, when it is not lit up, so it is a great idea to buy one that you really like. If you find only expensive ones in the colours you enjoy, don’t despair; you can buy a cheap one and spray paint it yourself quickly and for next to nothing. You can even play with the design in the painting process using some masking tape before the actual paint job. This could be a great idea for a DIY project!

2. Bring colour to your walls

Talking about painting projects, your walls could do very well with a bit of colour. If you are to spend a great amount of time in a room, you do not want it dull and plain. With four walls to choose from, only two need to be more cheerful than the rest, so you can save up on paint. You can choose something similar to your desk lamp for example, to bring a bit of balance in the room, or something from the same line of colours.

You can choose a bold colour of course, but keep in mind that, a brave choice, like let’ say electric green, may be a bit of a pain in the eye to stare at while brain storming. So you might want to tone down on the paint for the walls. Consider something that doesn’t need to be tolerated, but rather enjoyed.

3. Adorn your walls with Affordable Art

When the walls are ready, you need to hang some artwork on them. This is perhaps one of the most important steps in decorating your home office. The touch of an Artist brings life to any place, so it is vital to position some pieces that you enjoy looking at on the walls of your room. When you have had a bad day, the artwork will make you relax and forget about your worries. When your day has gone great, looking at the images on your walls will only enhance your feeling of well being. Don’t think that artwork has to be expensive. Not all is.

There are many low cost websites offering good deals on more than decent artworks, there even are online art auctions websites out there to get a great deal on great art pieces. There are always options, for everything and you will be able to find those frames, photos, paintings, sketches or collages which inspire you to stay happy in your own lovely work-space.

4. Bring in a decorative plant and flower pot

Having plants (with or without flowers) in your office makes the place look fresh, but more importantly keeps your air fresh and full of oxygen. This can keep you working in a great condition, nurturing not just your lungs with fresh air, but your eyes as well, with beauty.

Green is the best colour to relax your eyesight and might also get you day dreaming about a day in the park instead of one at the office. Not to mention that buying a decorative plant can be very cheap. You might even receive one for free from a friend looking to get rid of theirs.

5. Hide computer and lighting cables

This is the simplest of the golden rules for office decoration. Don’t leave the spaghetti cables trouble your vision or that of anyone else coming in for a visit! It is really disturbing and distracting to see paperwork all around and, on top of that, cables everywhere.

Aesthetically speaking, this must not happen. While you may not be able to keep your documents in order, all filed up and away, you can manage the cables as they require your attention only once, when setting up your office. You will thank yourself later one when other things start to crowd your horizon.

The possibilities are endless

Having said these, there is plenty to think about in terms of desk decorations, paper clips and paper trays – all desk items can come in colours and shapes which require your own taste at work. None of the little things cost much.

You can have a frame with the picture of your family on the wall, a diploma or certificate hanging on the wall to remind you of how proud you are of your achievements or any number of additional things useful in your trade, but none will be as important as the things we mentioned above. Keep in mind that simple is better.

Cluttering the office will come in time anyway, once you start working so best to start simple. This will protect your budget but save you a lot of time cleaning your home office as well.