How to Create a Statement Furniture Piece in Your Living Room

The living area of your home is arguably the most important place in the house; purely because it’s so on-show to everyone that visits. From entertaining guests to un-winding after a long day, the living room is the heart of the home and requires some attention to design.

It’s this reason why people feel so much pressure to give their living room the ‘wow factor’. Luckily, you can achieve this affect using furniture, without the need for expensive decorations. Read on to find out how…

Statement Furniture Piece

What is a statement piece?

Statement furniture pieces are classed as sole items that give the room a great first impression. However, they must be placed strategically in the room to work effectively.

If your statement piece is placed in an already-crowded area of the room, it could take the wow-factor away and leave your room looking cluttered. On the other hand, removing too many surrounding items from the statement piece can leave it to stick out like a sore thumb and not complement the other features already within the space.

A statement piece should be well-balanced and act as a natural place where the eye wanders when stepping into the room.

Examples of statement furniture items

There are a handful of items that you can use to give this impression to visitors coming into your living room, with the most popular being a chesterfield sofa. Not only does this type of sofa have the ability to suit or contrast with a modern or traditional interior design, but they’re also able to provide comfort; something that indicates that the piece has both style and substance.

Mirrors also make a gorgeous statement piece for living areas. They are able to bounce light around the room which makes the space feel larger and pieces with intricate detailing can really enhance your interior design.

How to incorporate them into your home

Balance is key when it comes to incorporating a statement piece in your home, consider the following techniques to make it look right at home:

  • Use contrasting patterns and colours to ensure that the statement furniture piece is a focal point of the living room.
  • Pair the piece with similar items, such as pairing a sofa with modern cushions and accessories – to make the statement piece blend into the existing design.
  • Take a note of the measurements of the space you have available to avoid overcrowding.
  • Focus on the scaling of the piece. Avoid placing large items directly next to smaller, intricate pieces as this can force the statement furniture to look too big for the room.

As you can see, incorporating a statement piece of furniture into your living room can look incredible when using the appropriate techniques. Now, it’s up to you to find your dream item and discover the best placement for it within your home; we’re sure that it’ll give the wow-factor!