Counting Down the Top 5 Storms to Hit South Florida

South Floridians are no strangers to hurricanes and tropical storms. Some would say that it’s the price you pay to live in one of the most popular cities in the nation. However, no matter how accustomed to hearing the depression, storm, hurricane and tornado warnings, it’s still a shock and a real danger every time a hurricane actually forms and hits. No one can ever really be 100% prepared for the damage because no one never truly knows which of the many threats might affect one’s home, property or even your family.

Even if it’s not the direct winds or rain, downed powerlines or flying debris, the after­effects of a hurricane like flooding and property damage can really take a toll on your assets and family. The best you can do is brace yourself and prepare as best you can. Here’s a look at the top 5 storms to ravage through South Florida:

Storms to Hit South Florida

#5 – Hurricane Katrina

Katrina’s claim to fame is mainly the damage it did in New Orleans. But it was formed right offshore of South Florida, in the Bahamas. Katrina did a number on South Dade due to the high amount of flooding ­ almost 2 feet of rain in some areas. At the time, the 836 was undergoing construction and the wind took out a lot of the progress and equipment there, causing tremendous amounts of debris to block the highway.

#4 – Hurricane Wilma

Wilma hit in the summer of 2005; It caught everyone off guard because of it’s category 2 status. Despite it’s light categorization, Wilma still managed to cause a whopping $16.2 billion in damages, including damage to Palm Beach County, Broward County and Brickell Avenue office buildings.

#3 – Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is a testament to what happens when you underestimate a storm’s power. Irene was a category 3 hurricane; This is a pretty strong storm but for some reason, many were advised that it would be okay to go to work that day. A deluge ensued, flooding the streets and parking lots, and the storm’s power took down power lines. All the hazards created by the hurricane mixed with the amounts of people out and about because they felt the storm wouldn’t be that bad resulted in 56 fatalities.

#2 – Hurricane Charley

This has been called the next worst storm after the notorious Hurricane Andrew; Charley was a category 4 hurricane that hit Port Charlotte instead of Tampa , catching residents completely off guard and unprepared. It also tore through southwestern and Central Florida. The Hurricane claimed 10 lives and $15.4 billion in damages.

#1 – Hurricane Andrew

No one can mention storms in Florida without naming the legendary beast of a hurricane, Hurricane Andrew. The behemoth of hurricanes, Andrew struck South Florida in summer of 1992. It was the most destructive hurricane in the United States at the time, leaving many houses in Homestead reduced to the mere foundations. 25,000 homes in Miami­Dade were destroyed and 10,000 more were left severely damaged. In Florida alone, Andrew took 44 lives and $25 billion in damages. Hurricane Andrew is probably the most remembered and the most mentioned hurricane in South Florida’s storm history ­ and rightfully so.

After a storm hits, there’s a period of restoration that brings up a lot of legal issues with insurance companies. When it comes to property damage, one thing to keep in mind is how the restoration industry is changing, and what to expect in the process of dealing with insurance companies ­ which are trying not to go broke on a pile of claims.

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