Cost-Effective Ways to Add New Life to Your Kitchen

As the heart of the home, the kitchen is probably the most important room when it comes to giving your home a small burst of new life. You can make so many small changes that will create a great, dramatic impact and make your kitchen feel fresh and new. The kitchen is often one of the most used rooms in the home, from sitting down to breakfast, preparing dinner or simply sitting with a friend putting the world to rights, the kitchen is a hub of activity and for this reason alone it’s a great place to start when you’re updating parts of your home.

Working from top to bottom is the best strategy, as you can work on the larger elements of the kitchen first, such as the walls and units, and then finish off with additional extras. If you feel your kitchen is lacking life and character, you’ll probably find you need to revive the colour. Whether you choose to repaint your kitchen walls in the same colour, or if you decide to go for a whole new look, either way a simple lick of paint will make a massive difference and you’ll instantly feel the rooms atmosphere lift and become much more positive. Whilst focusing on colour, you could also have a look at your kitchen units. Updating kitchen units can often become expensive and also create a lot more work than you’d hope, however there is a cheaper, easier alternative.

You can still change the look of your kitchen units, either by replacing the current kitchen unit doors with a new style, or simply re-painting them to create a brighter look. This kind of change will have a very strong impact on your kitchens overall look, as well as enabling you to feel like you have a newer, fresher kitchen! With your kitchen units in mind, you could look to replace your worktops. Changing your worktops and surfaces to a different material will add a new look to the kitchen, as well as updating the quality, as if you’ve had your kitchen worktop for a while you may find it has become worn and slightly dull over the years and is in need of a pinch of new life.

Storage is also another great way of updating your kitchen, and there are so many different types of storage that you can choose, making it easier to find cheaper, yet still useful alternatives. Having a good storage system installed into your kitchen will enable you to keep your items neat and tidy, giving everything its own space. Storage features are great for creating a sleek, neat look to your kitchen too, therefore you can concentrate on the overall look of your room, knowing your items are stored neatly and perfectly in the correct places. Placing items such as bins inside a cupboard will help add more floor space, whilst also making the room less cluttered and tidier.

Your kitchen flooring is another aspect that can be changed at a low cost, and make a dramatic impact. Having a new type of flooring, from laminate, wooden, marble to stone, you can really create a bold, stylish look by updating the floor you currently have. Your flooring is one of the main parts of the kitchen that is often taken for granted, as it’s used constantly by everyone who uses your kitchen, and it takes a lot of wear. Changing features such as the floor will instantly brighten the room and create a brand new look, which will help your kitchens atmosphere feel positive and inviting. Maintaining your floor is key to ensure you keep the quality and clean look, to sustain that fresh, homely feel.

Moving away from the larger changes that can be made to update your kitchen, there are many smaller yet still effective ways in which you can inject new life into your kitchen area. Simple accessories such as new appliances from coffee machines, microwave, kettle, toaster, will add to the new, chic look. Matching appliances are a great idea, there’s nothing better than a cute toaster and kettle set to round off a stylish kitchen. You could also consider adding items such as coffee, tea and sugar jars, a new stand to display your favourite mugs, fresh designs of tea towels and even items like a new clock or set of blinds on your windows or door. These changes may be small, but they will still make a large impact and change the whole feel of your kitchen. Keeping your kitchen fresh and stylish is a really important way of ensuring you can show off your personal style, as done throughout the rest of the home.

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