How To Close A Deal In Three Easy Steps

We’ve all been there. You’re standing across from your potential customer or associate to be, and you freeze as you’re about to seal the deal. You don’t know what happened – but for some reason all the wind went out of your sails and you just lost it. Well, we don’t want that happening to you – especially when closing a sale! It’s the sales that make all the difference to whether your business is growing or not, and with the wealth of information out there about selling and how to make sales, it stands to reason that we’d have something to add for you as well.

Close A Deal

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You want to grow? Know your money

As the great Warren Buffett has said, if you want to get a sale, you don’t want to be wasting your or anyone else’s time by talking, even preliminarily about a transaction when the price is unknown. It’s true that in order to be successful in the business world you must be very clear on what you are buying and what you are selling, and to communicate this effectively to your prospects. Have you ever tried to buy something, or been shopping around for an item only to find that the price isn’t advertised, and you have to contact someone to find out how much it costs? It’s a big deterrent. Selling and closing a sale work in pretty much the same way.

Know how to close

There are a range of techniques associated with closing sales and we’re going to cover a couple of these here just in case you need a refresher.

The assumptive close – Ask a question of the customer that, when they answer it, helps to commit the customer to the sale. You can use this kind of close when you’re not sure if a customer is committed. Make sure you practice this one with a friend or colleague – because it can come off as manipulative if you don’t handle the delivery correctly.

The reverse close – This technique involves you asking a question that has no response, but which is actually a yes to your deal. This is a good one for closing deals with people who aren’t sure or who are good at finding fault with things!

The time sensitive close – This one, which is a time honoured technique used by gurus like Tony Robbins et al is used to get people to commit to a sale and creates a scarcity of stock in their mind.

The direct statement – This method of closing basically does what it says on the tin: It asks a direct question of the purchaser or person you’re going to do a deal with and asks them to move forward with the sale. This is a great one to use when you’re fairly confident that things are going well.

Stay professional

A key part of your business success comes down to how you are perceived in the business world and relies heavily on you having made a good impression on people with how you look, present your business, and what your office or meeting space is like. We hope that we have helped with the tips on how to close a sale, now it’s up to you to make sure that your office space is the perfect environment in which to do this! Good luck and happy selling.

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