Clever Ways to Store More in Your Bathroom

There are plenty of bathroom storage ideas that you can easily use to expand the storage space in your small bathroom. Before you get started take a look around to see what space is not being used. Look up! A lot of people are missing out on vertical storage space in their bathroom.

Bathroom storage ideas can easily come from other rooms in the house. Use the back of your bathroom door to hang a shoe storage caddy. Choose the shoe storage over the door holder that has pockets and use those pockets to hold everything from wash cloths to curling irons. They are super convenient and can easily expand your storage to hold everything you need in the bathroom.

Fruit Baskets

The metal three tier fruit baskets that you hang from the ceiling is also a great option for bathroom storage if your space is limited. Simply screw in a hook in the ceiling and hang the basket from the hook. If the chain is not long enough you can buy an extension chain from any hardware store for less than $1.

You can use the basket to hold lightweight items that you use every day like hair brushes, tooth paste, wash cloths. It is an innovative solution to not having enough space.

Magnetic Strips

You can buy magnetic strips and small magnets that you can mount on the back of your medicine chest (assuming you have one or on the back of the door) and add the magnets (get ones that have peel off backs) to small containers of items that you use often.

Over the Tank Shelves

You can build or buy shelves to mount over the toilet tank where you can store towels and extra toilet paper. It is a quick and easy solution to add more space to a small bathroom.

Other Bathroom Storage Ideas

One of the key things to remember when you are trying to get more storage space out of your bathroom is that organization really counts. The more organized you are the less space you need. Be diligent about throwing things out that you no longer use, of course you can also give it away. Take items out of their packaging to save space.

Utensil hooks that mount to the wall near the stove can also be used in the bathroom to hold things like curling irons and blow dryers. In most cases when the bathroom is small using the wall space is the only answer when you are trying to find more storage space. Make use of all of your wall space by mounting shelves, hooks and other organizing tools.

Shelves around the tub, over the door and above the medicine chest can give you all the space you need. Use decorative baskets with labels on these shelves to make the storage a part of the décor.
You have more space than you think you just need to utilize it better.

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