How to Clean a Tumble Dryer

A tumble dryer is a perfect useful appliance for any home. With the ease and convenience of drying your clothes much faster than through traditional methods, you will want to make sure that this household appliance is properly cared for and maintained.

Regularly checking your tumble dryer for excess dirt and blockages can go a long way in preventing common issues such as overheating. It also goes without saying that a dirty tumble dryer won’t do your freshly cleaned clothes much good, either.

Does your tumble dryer need cleaning but you’re not entirely sure on how to go about it? We’ve shared some key advice on how to safely clean your tumble dryer.

Cleaning the lint filter

When your tumble dryer enters its draining cycle, any excess fluff from your clothes will be collected by the lint filter. However, to prevent the filter from clogging up and causing a problem for your dryer, its good practice to clean the filter either before or after each use.

If you are cleaning the filter after the dryer has been recently used, you should wait for the dyer to cool down to a reasonable temperature before removing the lint filter. You should then be gentle when removing any lint present on the filter, which can easily be done with your fingers.

Certain tumble dryer models also allow for their filters to be cleaned before being placed back into the dryer. This can be done by putting the filter in a sink with hot water and some washing up liquid. Before doing this, always consult the manual for your tumble dryer to make sure that the filter can be cleaned this way.

Always check your filter for any lingering lint before putting it back in the tumble dryer. If you happen to find any noticeable damage on the filter, a replacement will be needed. Any visible tears in the filter will increase the likelihood of stray lint clogging up your tumble dryer.

How to clean inside the tumble dryer

As with the lint filter, it is also important to regularly remove any build-up of dirt or other contaminants inside your tumble dryer. To do this, it’s always important to make sure that your appliance is both switched off and unplugged.

Once the dryer has cooled down and is safe to be cleaned, you will need to remove the back panel of the appliance. This will usually mean you have to remove the screws keeping the panel in place, so having a screwdriver on hand may be of use. It is important to keep the screws in a safe place once they have been removed, as you will need them to place the panel back and you don’t want to lose them!

Once the panel has been loosened and can be lifted off, you will want to clean inside the blower area. This can easily be done with the help of a vacuum cleaner, as it will be able to remove all the gathered dust with ease. You can also use the vacuum to clean around the vent pipe connection, if there appears to be excessive build-up of dust.

Once everything inside the tumble dryer meets your standard of cleanliness, all you need to do is place the panel back where it belongs and refit the screws.

Cleaning your tumble dryer will go a long way in keeping your appliance functioning properly for years to come. However, unforeseeable circumstances can happen at any time, and if your tumble dryer breaks down or is damaged, a professional tumble dryer repair service can help fix the problem for you.