Choosing the right Cheap Shower System for your Bathroom

With such an expansive range of quality shower systems on the market, it may seem somewhat daunting even beginning to try and identify the right option to suit your requirements. That said, we hope this article can highlight some of the best showers in accordance with your needs and preferences, placing a particular focus on affordable options that don’t compromise whatsoever in terms of quality.

Which Style of Shower is best for my Bathroom?

When choosing which style of shower is best for your bathroom, it is important to consider the surrounding décor of your bathroom space, and whether or not you are planning to update it. Modern showers with a full chrome make-up have grown increasingly popular in recent times, and are particularly well suited to contemporary style bathrooms featuring solid dark colours.

Bathroom Shower

By contrast, more traditional style showers, sporting ceramic plating and the like, are perhaps better matched to vintage or classical themed spaces. And thermostatic showers are available in either style, providing an appropriate option for family households especially, considering their temperature control elements.

The Main Advantages of Thermostatic Showers

For a start, safety is enhanced by a thermostatic shower, given that a pre-selected water temperature can be programmed to remain constant throughout your shower, therefore removing the risk of scalding from an unexpected temperature rise, or a shock from a sudden decrease. Also considering that functionality, the convenience of a thermostatic shower is another big advantage, allowing you to relax and enjoy your shower without having to frequently make temperature adjustments for your comfort. If you need to halt the water flow for any reason,

it will resume at the same pre-determined temperature when re-started. And the efficiency of cheap thermostatic showers can benefit the buyer long after they make the initial purchase too. Both water and energy is preserved to a great level in comparison with standard shower systems, so your thermostatic shower can effectively pay for itself after relatively minimal use.

Thermostatic Showers

What’s the difference between Power Showers and Electric Showers?

In a similar manner to standard mixer showers, power showers utilise water from both hot and cold water taps, fusing the supply to create an appropriate temperature. Given that mixer showers are typically installed in households with a low-pressure water system, an additional booster pump is often fit to deliver added pressure from the shower, leading them to be billed as ‘power showers.’ Electric showers, contrastingly, take from the cold water supply and use the shower unit’s heating elements to enhance the temperature.

Given that the unit stands alone from your hot water system, an electric shower can deliver hot water instantly, and can thus be used at any time without prior preparation. Furthermore, as electric showers take from the household’s cold water supply, they are automatically ready for use in any home, regardless of the property’s plumbing system.

Selecting the best Cheap Shower for you

Ultimately, you can hardly go wrong with any options from BigBathroomShop’s collection of cheap showers, and now you know the main differences and advantages of the respective types, you can make an ultimately informed decision. Make sure you let us know your final choice!

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