How to Choose the Right Snow Removal Contractor

Whether you have a massive driveway or long sidewalk, you’re one of many who don’t have the time or physical wherewithal to shovel it all away every time it snows. This is why snow removal contractors see their business boom when it starts to get cold outside. Here are a few factors to consider so you choose the right snow removal contractor.


One factor to consider is how fast the snow removal company gets to your home. This is referred to as the “turnaround time”. It isn’t much use to pay for a service that won’t come until after you have to leave for work. You want a snow removal service that has a guaranteed response time.


You need to check the service level the snow removal companies provide before you sign up for one. A company that arrives on time most of the time but fails to do so after major storms isn’t worth your business. Businesses that show up fast but do shoddy work are likewise unreliable, and you should take your business elsewhere.

Services They Offer Versus Services You Need

Snow removal services do not always offer the same services. You certainly don’t want to sign up with a company and find out later they don’t do all the work you expected them to do. For example, while most snow removal services clear your parking lot, not all will take the time to clear your sidewalk or porch. You may want to pay extra for a snow removal service that sprays de-icers so that the cleared snow today that may melt and refreeze into ice tomorrow doesn’t become a safety hazard. Another issue to consider is any other “ice control” methods they may take, some of which may not be suitable for your yard or parking lot. For example, companies like KG Landscape Snow Removal offers both salt and sand for de-icing.

If your area gets heavy snowfalls, you may want to have the snow hauled away instead of simply piled up to the sides of the driveway.

Insurance and Risk Management

Ask about liability insurance. If the snow removal company does not have insurance, don’t use them. They may not be able to pay for any damage their vehicles or employees do to your property, while skipping insurance means they may have skipped on training for their staff who could sue you if they slip while removing snow on your property. While you’re at it, ask the company for proof of both liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance.

Cost and Pricing

Many ice removal services work as landscaping services in the warmer months. Ask if the snow removal and ice control services are part of your maintenance account or an add-on cost. Understand the difference between commercial and residential services. Don’t assume that your small business will be charged the same rate you pay for them to clear your driveway.

If you’re working with a snow removal service, ask them what their baseline costs are and what counts as an “add-on” service. If you call for “emergency” service, expect that to cost extra, though it may not cost as much if you’re already a customer. Ask if you can save money by paying for service all season up front or entering a long-term contract with them.

A good snow removal company can make all the difference in the dead of winter. So make sure that you pick a company that delivers on time, has a good reputation and offers insurance as well. And make sure to verify that the snow removal company offers the services you need and that the total bill for all of the services you want is reasonable.

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