How to Care and Maintain Your Exterior Siding Panels

The side curb appeal of your home is very important, as the exterior of your house is the first thing a person sees when they got up to the front of your door. Besides taking care the landscaping needs, exterior siding panels maintenance is important as it not only makes your house look as statically attractive, it also helps to keep your house in good shape.

Contrary to popular belief, maintaining the exterior siding panels of your home is not difficult or time-consuming. But how you take care of your vinyl siding is dependent upon the type of material your siding is made of. Once you determine the type of siding that is in your home, you will know exactly how to maintain it best.

Exterior Siding Panels

Vinyl Exterior Siding Panels Maintenance

vinyl siding is designed so that it requires the minimal amount of maintenance in upkeep being. Not only is the material weather resistant, it is mostly stain resistant as well. But every so often you will notice a slight discoloration that accumulates on your vinyl siding, made of mostly loose dirt that flows in the air and is wet when it rains, leaving behind mild stains. Fortunately, these minor accumulations are very easy to clean. By power washing your vinyl siding every year after the summer, you can keep your house looking like brand-new and maintaining the true color of the siding. No hard scrubbing or repainting is necessary, which makes cleaning easy, fast and simple.

Wood Exterior Siding Panels Maintenance

Unlike vinyl, wood exterior siding panels require more frequent maintenance, and pressure washing will not clean wood panels thoroughly, in fact, they make things worse. Wood is a porous material, which means that the wood is able to absorb moisture. This also means that over time it, as it accumulates absorbed moisture, it will expand and contract which leads to cracks and holes developing. That’s why would panels must be treated about every five years in order to maintain the integrity of the wood panels. When the weather does begin to crack and become disfigured, they will need to be replaced, which is actually quite easy to do. Once the decayed piece of wood is removed, you simply just replace the wood with matching siding, then paints the panel to make everything blend together.

But cleaning would be a more difficult job to do. Depending on the type of sealants and paint that is used, a pressure washer may not be a good idea, and neither wood certain cleaning solutions. Instead, cleaning the appearance of wood panels requires the scraping of the paints and then the application of fresh paint would be needed. For minor cleaning, degreasers can work efficiently.

Metal Exterior Siding Panels Maintenance

although metal exterior siding panels are not used very frequently, you will find some houses that were built many decades ago that still have metal siding. If your home is one of them, maintaining metal siding can be somewhat difficult. Because metal has the tendency to rust, the siding is subject to that type of decay, so once the rust is spotted it is important to immediately replace the siding. There is no way to fix corrosion like Russ, it only spreads and gets worse especially when water is applied. Most metal siding panels are covered with pain, and usually the type of exterior paint that is washed easily with a p pressure cleaner machine. This makes cleaning relatively easy, but because metal can be easily dented, damaged, or begin to corrode, it tends to be the type of siding that requires replacement most frequently.

Source: Siding contractors in Michigan