How and Why Blocked Drains are a Health Hazard to us

If you are a homeowner, the chances are you have had some experience with blocked drains, and while it isn’t a pleasant job to unblock a smelly waste pipe, time is of the essence. A blocked drain is an ideal place for bacteria to grow, and the longer it remains blocked, the more attractive it becomes to germs and viruses.

For this reason, any blockage should be dealt with promptly, otherwise it could present a serious health hazard to you and your family.

Blocked Drains

Dirty Water

The water that runs into your drains is already dirty, and if it is impeded at any point during the run off into the main sewer system, it will be a haven for all kinds of germs and bacteria. As time goes by, an unpleasant odour will be noticed, and by this time, the bacteria has become well established and the blockage will grow in size. Sometimes we will need professional help to unblock a drain, and if you happen to be in Western Australia, you couldn’t do any better than, the leading emergency plumbing service in the Perth area.


A blocked drain can irritate an allergy and cause it to worsen, and the effects might be very subtle and the affected person is unaware that their condition is being affected by the blocked drain. Coming into contact with contaminated water or debris can cause skin allergies, so if you are going to attempt to unblock it yourself, avoid any skin contact by wearing rubber gloves. If the thought is too much, call in the experts who can fix blocked drains in Perth, WA, or anywhere else for that matter.

Mosquitoes and Other Insects

The moisture created by a blocked drain provides an ideal environment for the dreaded mosquito, and we all know about the terrible diseases that they transmit. Such is the food chain in nature, that once insects begin to arrive, so will other lifeforms, like rats and mice. The secret to avoiding this problem is to make sure your drains are always clean and debris free, and if you are unable, or unwilling to attempt this job, call in an established plumber who will carry out the task quickly and efficiently.

Bad Odours

A blocked drain will very quickly result in a bad smell, which will permeate the house, and this can also harbour bacteria and germs. Of course, one can always buy some air freshener, but that is only masking the smell, and it is much better to remove the cause, which is the blocked drain. Airborne bacteria can be inhaled and this can cause a stomach upset or worse. Keeping the home odour free will go a long way towards ensuring the living space is free of germs, and by having your drains cleaned regularly, you will all but eliminate the chance of this happening.

Some people never think about what goes down the drain, perhaps out of sight is out of mind, but you should always be aware that you and your family’s health could be at risk, so keep them clean at all times.

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