Bedbugs: DIY Steps to Get Rid of Them

Bed bugs are the worst kind of pests one has to deal with. It doesn’t matter if your home is picture-perfect clean; it is always vulnerable to one of the most traveled bugs of the world. These infamous bed bugs were once declared as the common public health pest on international level. Though the number declined to greater levels with the onset of 21st century but again a worldwide reappearance is seen and now they are resistant to usual insecticides as well. So ultimately what is the best way to get rid of bed bugs? This time no pesticide alone is sufficient. We need to address the problem with an integrated approach.

This integrated approach involves the following steps:

  • Identifying signs of bed bug infestation
  • Locating the bugs
  • Treatment and control of bed bugs
  • Checking the further entry of bed bugs

Each of this phase or steps has its own relevance and further steps involved. Let’s discuss them one by one.

get rid of bed bugs

Identifying signs of bed bug infestation

A rash that bears resemblance to mosquito bite is a tell-tale sign of bed bug infestation. A bed bug bite normally swells and spreads out on to a large area. It may also burn bad which is quite unlike of a mosquito bite. You can also look out for bugs themselves and eggs as well. Presence of dull-brown, peeled skins of the young bugs is also a confirmed sign of bed bug infestation. Though the name is bed bug but the bugs also reside on sofas, lounge chairs, curtains; basically, everywhere human rests. Carpets, rugs, beds, chairs are also some of the spots where bedbugs are common.

Locating the bugs

Now comes the second phase that is finding the bugs. The most common hiding place of bed bugs is cracks, cervices and wooden furniture as bed bugs have special affinity towards wood. You should empty all the drawers and dressers to find the bed bugs. Keep a close eye on the skirts, seams, tufts of sofas and curtains. Don’t forget the area beneath cushions. If your floor is carpeted, then don’t forget to look for the borders and edges.

Treatment and control of bed bugs

There are many methods to treat and control the bed bugs. Heat treatment is the best option. You can wash all the infested linen on the setting of hot and dry. Apart from this, one can cover all the specific items in plastic sheets and can keep them in hot, sunny place at least for few days. There are many laundries in metro cities that offer linen cleaning infested with bed bugs.There are certain items that can’t be washed; for such pieces, you can use nontoxic bed bugs spray. You can also detect foul odor from the linen. To remove it, dry cleaning the articles is the best option.

best way to get rid of bed bugs

Another best way to get rid of bed bugs is steam cleaning and use of vacuum cleaners with HEPA filter. The cracks should be sealed immediately you find them. You can also contact a pest control firm, if you think matter is out of your hands. They know how to treat the bed bug and to get rid from them forever.

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