Alternative Ways of Brain Booster

Cognitive skills and memory are very important and help us get through various tasks and routines. However, these abilities may drop and this calls for finding alternative ways of boosting them. Landing high quality products that can help you in enhancing your brain power should not be an overwhelming endeavor as there are several ways. The body already has a natural mechanism of enhancing cognitive abilities and intelligence.

Once you know how these processes work in the body, the rest is to find a way to trigger them. Fortunately, the current civilization is already past this phase. Here are a few insights on how you can enhance your brain power in the most natural way:

Using Nootropics

These are renowned compounds that have been taken for ages for the sole purpose of increasing intelligence and cognitive abilities. Nootropics were traditionally extracted from certain foods but can still be synthesized in the laboratory to mimic the natural compounds found in plants. Cognitive enhancement is all about neurochemicals which is the brain’s main way of communicating and generating thought and memory.

These neurochemicals can either be produced by hormones of acquired from the food you eat. This is why certain foods that contain omega 3 fatty acid are known to improve brain functions. Taking supplements is therefore a good way to introduce the chemicals and trigger expansion of your brain abilities. Moreover, these supplements are formulated to produce or trigger production of a specific set of neurotransmitters depending on the ability you want enhanced.

Using Acetylcholine

Choline is another important compound needed for expanded brain capacity and functions. It is used in the production of acetylcholine which is a set of neurotransmitters associated with all types of cognition ranging from memory to intelligence gains and decision making.

There are various supplements you can take to increase the amount of choline in your body. Supplements like Citicoline and Alpha GPC have been known to deliver this essential nutrient into the body thus establishing a favorable environment for enhancing your brain power. However, you must take healthy levels of this chemical to ensure you grow neurons and synapses that will boost your capacity.

Considering Dopamine Activity

Although dopamine is generally associated with drug abuse and such cases, it has a very special role in the brain. If used as prescribed, it can lead to expanded brain power in different levels. This option is perfect for anyone who wants to boost their alertness, thought clarity, focus and mental drive.

Consider increasing the dopamine activity taking place in your brain as this unique chemical has an impact these aspects of cognition. In fact, increasing the level of dopamine will immediately cause euphoria, mental focus and energy, motivation and concentration.


There are many other ways of increasing your brain power. The ultimate goal is t find high quality products and ways that do not result in side effects. It is also important to avoid stress as it directly impacts brain functions and can lead to the production of various harmful chemicals that damage your neurotransmitters.

You may want to consider stress inhibitors like GABA supplements. There are some smart drugs that are specifically formulated to increase your brains power and cognitive abilities such as memory, meditation and intelligence.