African Technology Grows with Murphy Ben International

Murphy Ben International is an African company headquartered in Lagos, Nigeria that promotes, creates and aggregates African content and culture through the media, music videos and movies that they publish on their website. Since technology has been continuously increasing in Africa, so have they and they’ve made the decision to solely have their business online.

Murphy Ben International has a landing page in order to promote their business and get people to sign up. Once method they do is called A/B Testing. This is when you have one main page and this is your control page, then you have a variation A and a variation B which is variation A page is your goal page and your variation B page is another back up goal page. Sometimes for A/B testing, all you have to do is change the color on your sign up button. Green, orange and red seem to be the most common choices and orange seems to be the most successful call to action button as well.

There is also a fold, which is the imaginary line at the bottom of the monitor that divides the immediately visible part of the website from the part that is visible only after scrolling down. Murphy Ben International also puts their call to action, which is the most important message above the fold so that it catches your eye as soon as you’re on the landing page.

A landing page is for online marketing and Murphy Ben International uses it just for that but also to have their customers sign up for their content for free which generates them sales anyways. Murphy Ben International also looks at the keywords and match types when promoting their products on their website. How you choose to target the keywords or phrases is critical to an effective campaign.

A Google Adwords has the following match types, which are broad, phrase, exact or negative. Broad match keywords means that your advert will appear for the keywords you have entered as well as search for other terms which contain your keywords and any other words in any order. Phrase match which is denoted with quotation marks around the keywords means that your advert will appear only for search terms which have your keywords in them, in the same order as well.

Murphy Ben International also uses exact match, which is denoted by square brackets, which means that the advert will only appear for search terms exactly the same as the keywords selected and wont appear for any other terms that are typed. Then finally a negative match is denoted by using a dash in front of the keywords means that your advert will not appear in searches using that word no matter what other words are used. This is often used in broad and phrase matches. A negative match tends to be a bit more expensive then any other searches. These are all reasons why Murphy Ben International continues to strive in the online business and entertainment world since they know exactly how to promote themselves effectively and all.