A Marble Finish for your South Florida Home

The word marble comes from the Greek word mármaros which means “to flash, sparkle, or gleam.” Marble has been used for centuries to create iconic works of Greco-Roman inspired sculptures and architecture. It has paved the courts of kings and queens, from Catherine the Great to Louis XIV, who admired its elegant quality. Today, this material is most used in the tile industry due to its appealing translucent and lustrous nature.

Most Florida homeowners install marble flooring in their home in order to better capture the light entering their home. Marble’s translucent finish reflects light, and does not absorb it, like some cheaper flooring materials. When properly installed and well maintained the added level of sophistication marble can bring to a house is truly remarkable. We are lucky to be living in South Florida, a place where the sun shines most of the year.

Marble is not just glitz and glam. Quarried from the earth’s crust, marble is a rare earth material that is also eco-friendly. The material is fully biodegradable. For those who strive to live an eco friendly life, this substance is often chosen due to the fact that it does not cause any pollution at the end of its functional life.

Construction marble is a type of stone which is capable of taking a polish. Overtime – as can be seen with Roman statues – the marble can become discolored as this polish wears off. Miami, Broward, and Palm Beach’s weather can be particularly insidious to marble placed outdoors due to South Florida’s climate. Our proximity to the sea, the salty air, and the incessant humidity stain the most resilient of marble stones. In such cases marble cleaning and polishing are needed to recapture the lost glow of this natural stone. In addition to marble polishing, Miami home and business owners have also opted for replacement of the stone altogether, although the former is easier and less costly.

Regardless of your choice, marble flooring is here to stay. A good marble tile floor will last about five times longer than other flooring options. This can be a unique selling point when reselling a home, because marble flooring increase the value of the home… Just like the palatial abodes of yesteryear.

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Devin Vance is the owner and president of Classic Marble Restoration, Inc. He is a member of the Stone Repair Network, and an alumni of the Natural Stone Restoration Alliance. As a licensed realtor in South Florida, Devin also helps homeowners looking to buy or rent a home in sunny South Florida. Find him on LinkedIn and Classic Marble Restoration.