8 Signs You’re Already Dehydrated

A study undertaken in 2014 with 30,000 individuals on their drinking habits found that less than 1% consumed the recommended eight glasses of water a day. In fact most of the participants struggled to even drink two glasses! A surprising statistic, considering water is so important for our daily functioning.

The UK government have been urging individuals to up their water intake and cut back on sugar filled drinks, coffee and tea. We’ve all become quite accustom to ordering a coke in a restaurant, and with the extremely low price tag in the supermarkets, many of us have developed it into our daily routine instead of just a treat.

So how can you tell if you’re drinking enough water? There are actually clear signs, your body has its own way of telling you to drinking more h20! One of the UK’s leading watercooler suppliers, Cooleraid, gives us the rundown on the signs we should look out for.

  1. You Have Dry Skin

Dehydrated skin is often dry and can be quite rough in texture. Skin disorders such as psoriasis can actually be triggered due to dehydration, so it’s important you keep regularly topped up with fluids. If you aren’t consuming enough water, your body is unable to sweat out all the excess dirt and oils which can make you very prone to breakouts.

  1. You Feel Lethargic

Do you feel constantly tired? Catch yourself yawning one too many times in a day? Dehydration is one of the main causes of tiredness, so if you’re feeling low on energy this is probably why. Ensuring you’re consuming 8-10 glasses of water a day will help to keep that mid-afternoon fatigue at bay.

  1. Your Joints are Aching

The cartilage in our joints are made up of approximately 80% water, so it’s no surprise that they need a steady flow of water to cushion the bone and remain comfortable. A lack of water in your system is likely to cause aching and discomfort in your joints. Of course, this could be down to other issues so it’s always a good idea to consult your doctor first just in case.

  1. Your Eyes are Dry

Do you ever notice that your eyes feel dry, and have the urge to blink more often than normal? This could be down to dehydration. When there isn’t enough fluid in our body, our tear ducts can actually dry up, this isn’t healthy for our eyes and can leave you with that dry sensation. Take care of your eyes (they’re very precious after all!) and make sure you keep reaching for the tap.

  1. You Keep Snacking

Just eaten a meal, but find yourself snacking not long after? When we’re dehydrated, our bodies can often mistake this for hunger instead. So those frequent hunger pangs might actually be your body crying out for a glass of water. The next time hunger strikes not long after you’ve eaten, try having a glass of water first before reaching for that packet of chips!

  1. You Feel Constipated

Water keeps everything moving in our body, and we mean everything! If you’re not drinking as much water as you should be then your large intestine will absorb water from your food which can hinder your ability to pass stools freely. If that’s not enough reason to reach for a glass of water….

  1. You Lack Concentration

Dehydration has a strong impact on our overall mood and ability to concentrate. If you feel unable to concentrate and think clearly, this could be a result of not drinking enough water. It can affect not only our concentration levels but our ability to learn and memory too. If you find yourself struggling with simple tasks, or an overall lack of focus then increasing your water intake might just help you.

  1. Your Urine is Dark

Your wee can actually give a very strong indication as to how hydrated you are. Clear wee is a positive sign and shows that you are most likely to be healthy and hydrated. Dark wee with a bad smell indicates quite the opposite. You don’t want to ignore this, as it might lead to quite a painful water infection.

With these in mind, you should now be able to read when your body is telling you it’s dehydrated! Don’t just ignore it, it will only lead to bigger problems with your health. Ensure that you’re drinking the recommended amount to avoid any issues, that’s eight glasses for women, or ten glasses for men. Make the office watercooler your new best friend!