7 Tips to Find the Best Wedding Photographer in Melbourne

Ever thought of a destination wedding? Maybe in Melbourne, Australia? There are lots of wedding photography locations and wedding venues in this beautiful city. One of our team members recently got married in Melbourne Australia and was blown away by this beautiful city. There is a great selection of high quality Melbourne Wedding Photographers available. It’s a difficult choice to select your personal wedding photographer in Melbourne (and of course anywhere else in the world). There are also lots of other ideas she had how to preserve everlasting wedding memories. Here are a few ideas.

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How to preserve your wedding memories – here are some ideas

Wedding Photography is something personal. It’s a lifetime memory which you will look back to. Your wedding photos are one of the only things which preserve after your wedding day. For that reason wedding photos are one of the more important things on your wedding day – some brides forget this.

Of course there are few other things what you can do to look back on your wedding day:

  • Wedding Guestbook – get your wedding guests write a little note in book
  • Wedding Postcards – your wedding guests write a little postcard to you which they will send on a specific week within the next years after your wedding – they could contain personal messages or little gift vouchers
  • A fingerprint picture – supply a stamp cushion and canvas and let all your wedding guests give you a fingerprint with a little note.
  • Wedding Video – Hire a videographer to document your big day
  • Wedding Photography – The most common and important one – hire a professional wedding photographer to tell the story of your big day (and don’t forget to print the images and get a nice album for yourself and your families).

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Selecting a Wedding photographer – 7 Tips to find the best one

As the process of selecting a wedding photographer is not an easy one we decided to give you some tips how to find a great wedding photographer for your wedding day. This could be for a destination wedding in Melbourne, Sydney … anywhere in Australia or any other country. The selection process will be the same wherever you are located.

As wedding photography is an artistic line of business – especially the commercial wedding photography it is very difficult to compare the services. The style of wedding photography which is on offer can be very different and what one person likes might not be what is pleasing to another person. So decide for yourself. There is no best wedding photographer for everyone. It will depend on your personal circumstances such as location, budget, style and time of the year.

But there are few tips we have to select your wedding photographer:

  1. Have a look at the Melbourne wedding photography portfolio (For example at freshphotography.com.au)
  • It’s important that you like the work of your wedding photographer. Make sure you really like the work and style he produces. Don’t try to change a photographer’s style.
  1. Not only best of shots – you want to see a full wedding which your wedding photographer has shot. Have a look at around 50 to 100 wedding photos to get impression if the work is consistent. Wedding photography requires a lot of skill. Its portrait photography, event photography, landscape photography, candid photography and creative photography … it’s from everything a little bit. So only the best photographers will be able to get the different types of photos. It’s not easy to get all this in a limited time-frame of a wedding day.
  1. Select a few wedding photographers and check the availability. After you selected a few (3-5) wedding photographers contact them to check the availability. Lots of photographer (esp. in Melbourne) book out one year in advance or even longer. Thought after wedding days on the weekends are easily booked out for boutique photographers.
  1. Give your photographer an idea about your wedding day. When you contact your photographer make sure you write him some information about your wedding.
  • How many guests do you expect?
  • Where will you be getting ready?
  • When is the wedding day?
  • What time and where is the ceremony?
  • What time and where is the wedding function?
  • Anything special about your wedding?
  1. Make sure you meet YOUR wedding photographer. Some big studios in Melbourne hire other photographers. So you might not be able to meet the person who will photograph your wedding. Insist that you meet the photographer which work you looked at. Only he will be able to create that style you fell in love with. (Tip: Make sure the photographers name is in the contract later and you can get out of the contract when this changes.)
  1. At the meeting don’t look at more work. You should have discussed this already via email. Talk about your wedding. Get some ideas how your wedding photographer would handle your wedding. Does he have any ideas? All up: Just make sure that you get along well with your photographer. He will be around your whole wedding day and he is part of the wedding. So it’s helpful to have a friendly person which blends in.
  1. You found you wedding photographer? All the boxes ticked. Then don’t hesitate … book him!

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A Wedding in Melbourne

A Melbourne Wedding is easily planned. The city has plenty of wedding venues and wedding photographers. It’s easy to get a wedding together in less than 3 months even when most people plan for over one year.

When you start planning last minute you might have to make some compromises and your photographer might not be available anymore. But always try (Check out: www.freshphotography.com.au). You might be lucky!

Enjoy the wedding planning. And don’t forget – it’s the most important thing to have fun on your own wedding day. There might be things which don’t go to plan but they are sometimes the most memorable ones. Relax and have fun on your big day. We are sure your wedding photographer will do the best he can to give you wonderful wedding photos.