7 Situations Where Your Flatmates Proved To Be Your Best Friends

When you move into a new shared apartment, it is your roomies or your flatmates, whom you tend to depend on more. If they do not understand you, then there are chances that you have a bad experience and end up changing your room for rent or hating the city you are living in currently.

To give a pep up we have penned down five situations where your flat mates proved to be your best friends:


1. Talk to you when your BF/GF dumped you

When you feel sad or alone, the one person you can think of is your BFF and when you are in a new city, the only person who you can hug and cry with becomes your flat mate. When you have shared this moment with your flatmate, the contract of flat-mate-ship is over and is turned into a BFF. You can talk endlessly about your BF/GF dumping you and they will listen patiently passing the tissues or chocolates to make you feel better.

2. Text your Crush on your behalf

This is one moment we share the most with our BFFs and when in a new city it is the flat mates to take over this charge and end up chatting with your crush on your behalf. They might also fix you a date, make you ready, help you get over the nervousness and also suggest the do’s and don’ts of the date.

3. Care for you when you are alone and sick

The one person you remember of, when sick is your family or your BFF and if both are not there then your flat mates come as help. Forget about cooking Maggi or khichdi for you, they will go a step further and make sure you take medicines on time, take you to the doc and also collect the reports for you. At the end of the time, they will make sure you sleep well, eat well and get well soon. Some also take a leave and sit by their sick flat mate.

4. Lie down and listen to all your talks patiently

Remember the silly stupid talks you have with your BFF when you are drunk or sad. Well if your flat mate is doing the same with you and listening to the sad stories or silly talks patiently then trust us, he/she is your BFF. Some will also add a few of their stories to pep you up.

5. Laugh at the silliest things with you

One good moment we share with our besties is when we end up laughing together on one single topic. And that turns out to be the silliest one as you grow older. The same thing happens when you and your flat mate are staying together and share a bond of understanding.

6. Cook for you when you can’t

A roomie who can cook is the best gift you can get. On those days when you are too busy with work to cook a decent meal, a good roommate will do this for you and not even expect much in return. It’s kind of the unspoken code of room-mate ship.

7. Treat your parents with love

When your parents come over and you have to be at your best behavior; a good roomie can make a world of difference. A surly roommate will not only bring down the vibe in your room for rent in Bangalore but also make the experience for your parents very awkward.

We are sure you all might have enjoyed more situations than these with your flat mates. Share them with us, we would be happy to know your story of becoming besties.