6 Killer Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Dominate Dubai

Dubai real estate market is one of the biggest in the world and the hottest market among the Arab countries.

Dubai’s real estate market is a very hot market that is a heaven for both local and foreign investors with huge return on investments.

Dubai economy being fueled mostly by oil and tourism attracts a hefty flow of tourist and real estate investors from every continent must especially from third world countries.

Dubai real estate market is being fuelled by the mad rush of foreign investors must especially from third world countries who consider it as a safe heaven.

Because Dubai’s economy is fuelled by foreigners looking to invest in the bobbling real estate market, I have compiled a list of 5 most effective ways an agent can attract foreign investors to buyer into Dubai’s bobbling real estate market.

How to market Dubai’s real estate properties

  1. Go digital

Since most investors in Dubai real estate market are all foreigners, digital marketing is the best way of reach them.

Digital marketing affords potential investors to make research from the comfort of their home or office in their own country and get facts about the property they intend to buy before coming over to Dubai to finalize the transaction.

  1. Get a real estate website

Going digital without a website is like farming without a farming equipment. A real estate website is the single most important component of a digital marketing strategy.

Without a website, then your purpose of going digital is already defeated on arrival.

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  1. Showcase your listings on your website

A detailed listing with video and picture will help potential buyers make informed buying decision.

  1. Create relevant content.

Since most potential buyers are foreign, creating content that is valuable will help in moving potential buyers around the buying circl until they are ready to buy.

On the internet, content is king. Creating great content will inform, educate and convince your prospect that you are the right agent for him or the property he saw on your website is the right one for him.

  1. Optimize your content for seo

Since most buyers are foraigners, the tool they most often use to research about dubai’s real estate market is Google.

So, optimize your content for this set of buyers making use of google to search for good properties to buy in Dubai.

  1. Hire potential photographers to snap your listings

Never fall into temptation of trying to cut cost by taking photographs of your listings.

Hire a photographer to do because he will do a better job than you. You may be a great Dubai real estate agent, but when it comes to photography, you suck so it’s better to leave it to professionals and concentrate on what you know how to do best which is marketing Dubai’s real estate.

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