5 Ways to Save on Your Interstate Move

Moving to a new home is never easy, but it’s even harder when you’re moving to a different state. Each and every city in Australia has developed its own unique identity and culture, and though it’s not quite the same as moving to a new country, you’ll still have to adapt. In addition, you might not be familiar with the public transport system or road layout, so you can expect the first few weeks to be rather testing. Plus, transporting all of your belongings to your new home in a different state could be a nightmare.

Most major cities in Australia are not considered to be within driving distance, meaning it’s very unlikely you can use your own vehicle to transport all of your household items to your new property. Fortunately, Perth interstate removalists exist to make that difficult task much easier, and the very best companies will ensure your belongings arrive at your new home safely without you having to lift a finger. Needless to say, you should only trust the very best companies for such an important task.

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Many people choose interstate removalists from Adlam Transport, a company that’s established its position as a dependable market leader. If you would like to compare the market before making your final decision, you should always ensure the company you choose offers competitive prices and an exceptional all-round service. To help you save cash on your big move, this article will detail five top tips below.

Tops Tips for Cutting Costs

Relocating can be an expensive endeavour, especially if you’re moving to a new state. Here are five simple tips that might help you save a lot of money:

  • You might not need all of your goods – If your current sofa won’t match your new home’s style, you might be better off discarding it than transporting it. Buying a new one may be cheaper.
  • Leave old clothes behind – The average wardrobe carton weighs a whopping 75 pounds, so to reduce the cost of transportation, leave some things behind. The same goes for the likes of CDs and DVDs that you’ll never use again.
  • Sell valuable items – You might cherish that expensive wardrobe or rug, but if they won’t work in your new home, you’re better of selling them than paying for them to be transported.
  • Leave appliances and light fittings behind – Most property hunters expect the likes of ceiling fans, ovens and refrigerators to be left behind. Plus, it might be cheaper to replace such heavy items rather than transport them.
  • Notify the electric and water companies – Make sure you tell the companies responsible for powering your home exactly when you’re leaving so they can discontinue their services.

Get Ready for Your New Home

Leaving a home behind is never easy, but you’ll love your new property after getting settled in. Just don’t arrive in your new state with no money left in the bank by taking the tips detailed above on board, and only utilise the very best companies to take responsibility of transporting your stuff.