5 Ways to Make Your Home Décor “Pop”

Are you tired of having a home that looks just like everyone else’s? Do you want your house to look unique and inviting? You don’t need a massive decorating budget or years of experience in interior design to get the look you want. With a few hacks and a willingness to get creative, you can make anything happen.

Try These 5 Design Tricks

Interior design isn’t as challenging as some people make it out to be. When it’s your own personal space, rules don’t apply. Why do you have to follow the concepts that someone else thinks are right? You’re the one living in your home – and you’re the one who has to look at and interact with your design on a daily basis. Plus, nobody likes a home that looks like it belongs in the middle of a store display. You want something that’s unique and special to you. Having said that, here are some design tricks that you can use to give your home a personalized feel.

1. Incorporate Pop Art Into Main Rooms

If you’re like most people, you play it safe in your home’s main rooms – like the kitchen, living room, and dining room. You go with conservative design elements because that’s what people are used to. If you want to make a statement, you have to be willing to buck general trends. One idea is to incorporate pop art into main rooms. Pop art has that unique look that makes it different, yet appealing. A large pop art canvas from a site like 1st-Art-Gallery.com could give you a really cool look.

2. Use Old Jewelry as Curtain Tiebacks

Most people have a bunch of old jewelry lying around in drawers and jewelry boxes. Even if you don’t ever plan on wearing the jewelry again, it can still be put to use. One suggestion is to repurpose old jewelry – such as statement necklaces or brightly colored beads – into curtain tiebacks. They’ll instantly add some flare to an otherwise bland set of drapes.

3. Use Unique Succulent Planters

One of the quickest ways to quite literally breathe life into a room is to introduce fresh plants into the space. But instead of buying boring old planters and basic plants that you find on the sale shelf at the local nursery, go the extra mile and buy some succulents. Not only do succulents look really unique, but they can be planted in fun planters and still thrive. Here are a few ideas for unique succulent planters.

4. Buy Handcrafted Items

Why buy cheesy items from a big box store when it’s so easy to buy handcrafted goods from artisans? With the abundance of local markets and online marketplaces like Etsy, you can find a handmade version of just about anything you want. These items tend to make great conversation pieces.

5. Mix and Match Totally Different Items

People love to categorize their home design style under certain labels. There’s art deco, coastal, contemporary, shabby chic, French, Mediterranean, mid-century modern…the list goes on and on. But why do you have to commit to a style? Who’s to say you can’t have one art deco room and one coastal room? Or why can’t French and shabby chic go together? Mixing and matching might not satisfy typical design principles, but it can certainly give you a unique look.

Create Your Own Unique Style

Most people aren’t even aware that they have their own unique style. For years, they’ve followed bland design principles that other people have told them are right. As a result, they’ve been conditioned to believe that it’s their style, too. But once you try unique design tricks and techniques like the ones outlined in this article, you’ll likely discover that you do, in fact, have your own styles and tastes. What are you waiting for?