5 Things That Will Turn Your Backyard into the Garden of Dreams

Having the space to make that kind of garden that the neighbours wonder at (and envy!) is something that all people with green fingers will understand. It doesn’t have to be so large as an estate, just an area where you can spend some time and effort, and with the right amount of patience, that garden you always dreamed of will come to fruition. Let’s have a peek at 5 things which will help get you on your way.

Select the Area

Just as you would select the right kind of clothes for an event, you have to choose what area you are going to be working on. Get out some pencils and paper and draw the design that you like. You may even want to do a search online or in books and magazines, to look at other beautiful gardens for tips on what to grow and those that feature stone cladding for a little bit of inspiration.


Create the Design

Choose which flowers, plants and anything else that you wish to include in your garden such as trellises, natural stone cladding, etc. and make a to do list and tick them off one at a time as you go along. Make a point of not skipping on anything which you tell yourself you can do later, because maybe when later arrives, it’s too late! Step by step is the way to go. Remember to not crowd flowers and plants together owing to the competition between them for water, light and fertiliser! Nobody wants a war going on in their garden!

Digging Time

Time to get out your spade and start removing the grass until the topsoil is uncovered. Make sure to remove any roots from the removed grass, which may still be present, as this area will serve as the foundation for your plants and you don’t want anything stunting their growth.


Loosen Up the Soil

Loosen up a remaining thin layer of the topsoil that is around 4-6 inches deep. You will have to be on the lookout and remove any rocks or stones that can hinder the growth of your plants and we certainly don’t want that, do we?! If you are thinking about some beautiful and unique pavers in your garden, and are lucky enough to reside in W. Australia, pavers in Perth by Mataka provide a first class quality service and products.

Planting the Seeds

Getting there! You can now start to plant the seeds for your beautiful dream garden. Make sure to water them regularly and add a little fertiliser. Transforming that backyard will require a lot of effort, time and attention, all of which will at the end of the day be simply worth it.

End of the Day

Like most things which have an aesthetic inclination, your garden will certainly stand out amongst others if you have the will power and stamina to get it just perfect. So good luck, keep at it and may your garden of dreams become just that!

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