5 Reasons to Stage Your Home When Listing

You’re familiar with the concept of home staging, but have you ever considered using it in your home when selling? Contrary to popular belief, this is a really practical option for homeowners, no matter their price point.

5 Reasons to Try Home Staging

People have all different types of motives for staging homes, but the investment is almost always worth it. The idea that home staging is something that’s really expensive and only used in luxury homes is a myth.

The key is to find the right connections. Experienced realtors often have longstanding relationships with staging companies and can get you a good deal. Take The Kay-Grant Group in the Scottsdale, Arizona area as an example. According to their website, they’re able to get their clients home staging at a third of the price!

While full-price home staging might not make sense for everyone, you’d be surprised how inexpensive it really is when you have the right connections. And should you choose to go this route, you may enjoy some of the following benefits:

  1. Ability to Command a Higher Price

The first reason to try home staging is that it often allows homeowners to command a higher price. According to a study from the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 49 percent of realtors who work with buyers believe staging “usually” has an effect on a buyer’s impressions of a home. Roughly 47 percent say it “sometimes” has a positive effect. Only 4 percent of realtors say staging a home is ineffective.

But what’s the monetary value of home staging? The NAR study shows that 37 percent of seller’s agents and 32 percent of buyer’s agents report an average of a 1 to 5 percent price increase for a staged home. Furthermore, 22 percent of seller’s agents and 16 percent of buyer’s agents say the increase is in the 6 to 10 percent range. Either way, it’s usually well worth the investment.

  1. Reduced Clutter

One of the biggest turnoffs for buyers is to see a property that’s filled with clutter. While they don’t want to see an empty house, they’d prefer just the right amount of furniture and décor. With home staging, you can take a minimalist approach and avoid overwhelming people with all of your personal belongings.

  1. Chance to Move Out Prior to Listing

One of the bigger mistakes sellers make is moving all of their stuff out of the house prior to listing. This may seem smart, but it takes away all of your leverage. Once you’re moved out, the buyer knows that you have to sell quickly. This gives them negotiating power. So, if you want to enjoy the benefits of moving out without losing leverage, home staging gives you that opportunity.

  1. Access to Designer Style

Home design not your thing? While it’s impossible to please everyone’s tastes and styles, hiring a home staging company to come in and professionally decorate your house will allow you to put forth an attractive and cohesive design that appeals to more potential buyers.

  1. Faster Home Sale

Finally, a staged home tends to sell much faster. According to one report, you can expect to see your home get offers 73 percent faster than non-staged counterparts on the market. That’s a big deal when you’re also trying to find your next property as quickly as possible.

Putting it All Together

If the numbers line up, don’t discount the idea of home staging. It’s a highly effective strategy that yields sellers numerous benefits in the home selling process. Be sure to consider it as an option moving forward.