5 Innovative Ideas to Spruce up Your Home on a Budget

Giving your entire house a makeover can be time consuming and expensive. However, with a little imagination, you can add instant style to your home without spending a lot of money!

If you’re ready to spruce up your home on a budget, here are some innovative ideas you could use.

1. Indulge in Spray Painting

Spray Painting

Spray paint is easy and fun to use, and can instantly turn something dull and unattractive into a centerpiece. What’s more, spray paint art projects can be displayed both inside and outside the house depending on what you’re creating!

  • Color tables, stool, chairs, vases, or other objects with spray paint to breathe new life into them.
  • If you don’t want to spend money on new bathroom and kitchen fittings, cover the area around them with paper and tape, and paint them with spray enamel.
  • Dull brass light fixtures can be made to look new with metallic spray paint and primer.
  • Stick painters’ tape onto the canvas in a geometric or random pattern. Spray paint a single color or different colors onto the canvas. Once dry, peel off the tape to reveal your masterpiece.
  • Grab some pretty twigs and leaves and lay flat on a canvas. Spray paint with a color of your choice to leave a design on the canvas. Alternatively, tape leaves on or hold them in place against objects like planters, furniture, or walls and spray paint to create beautiful designs.
  • Glue fake flowers onto a canvas and spray paint to create stunning wall art.

2. Deck up the Walls

Deck up the Walls

Plain walls can look boring, but you can deck them up easily without having to spend money on a full-blown paint job.

  • Paint a single wall in each room in an accent color. Create texture with the help of a broom- just dab or slide it firmly in a single or different directions on wet paint.
  • Paint polka dots on an accent wall using an old laundry basket as a guide. Create a chevron pattern by masking out areas with painters’ tape.
  • Use a stencil to create patterns on walls. Look for patterns online and get a printout in a size you want.
  • Give walls a facelift with patterned paint rollers to create the illusion of fancy wallpaper.

3. Display Picture Frames

Display Picture Frames

Pictures and photographs can not only liven up interiors but serve as conversation starters too. Note that displaying pictures right is an art in itself, so don’t put up frames haphazardly!

  • Add oomph to existing frames by decorating them with embellishments or scrapbook paper.
  • Paint all frames in the same color to create a uniform look.
  • Stick photos and pictures directly onto walls and affix washi tape around them in patterns to create frames.
  • Swap out pictures every now and then to keep things interesting.

A great idea is to display your pictures in unique ways- consider printing them onto 3D shapes or objects like coasters and pillows! You can also use wooden hangers to suspend pictures with the help of twine or colorful yarn and hang on walls.

4. Group Collections

Group Collections

Group your souvenirs and collectibles and display them on coffee tables, stools, bedside stands, or on the mantelshelf.

  • Collect glass bottles and paint or tint them in the same color or various colors. Use them to hold objects like pens, cutlery, or flowers.
  • Paint mason jars in a color of your choice and use them to store tea, coffee, sugar, and spices and condiments. You can also paint a patch of chalkboard paint on them and label the jars with chalk.
  • Group china and apothecary jars together to hold fruits and vegetables. If possible, match patterns, colors, or lines.
  • Old and new greeting cards can be displayed on the mantel, coffee table, or shelves during the holidays.
  • Create a display of candlesticks and lanterns. Use votive candles in glass jars of different shapes and sizes. Paint the glass jars or wrap them with yarn or twine.

5. Bring the Outdoors In

Growing indoor plants

Growing indoor plants is a cool and inexpensive way to add color, texture, and interest to your home.

  • Use old and broken china to grow indoor plants. If grouping planters, paint them the same color.
  • Grow succulents in teacups and small jars or containers and place on windowsills or on the mantel.
  • Grow herbs in your kitchen in mason jars, cans or small pots. Paint the cans or pots in bright colors to make your kitchen look cheerful!
  • Create a centerpiece or mantelpiece using flowers and painted twigs arranged in a vase.


Giving your home some good vibes doesn’t have to be difficult and expensive. And now that you’ve read these tips, you know just what you need to do to spruce up the interiors of your house!

So if you’ve been avoiding giving your home a makeover because you think it will cost you the earth, you needn’t worry anymore. Implement the amazing tips are given here and welcome change without spending a lot of money on a home remodeling project!

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