5 Household DIY Projects for Your Kids to Do With You

No matter how young your kids are, you can start training them to take care of projects around the house. There are some DIY tasks that are both safe and fun for your children to do alongside you.

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Plant a Vegetable Garden

Image via Flickr by Michael Bentley

Planting a vegetable garden has myriad benefits for your family. It will encourage your kids to get away from the television and into the sunlight. Plus, they will learn valuable lessons about how to grow their own food. They will take these lessons with them for their entire lives. They can help with the project from start to finish, from building raised beds to picking out seeds and caring for plants as they grow.

If your kids are old enough, you might even want to assign each of them his or her own special section of the garden. They’ll gain a sense of pride as they watch their tomatoes, squash, and other veggies come to life.

Perform HVAC Maintenance

There are some HVAC maintenance tasks that even you as an adult shouldn’t tackle without professional training, but you and your kids can do some of the basics together. For example, you can change a vent cover or replace a dirty filter. This is the ideal opportunity to teach your kids about the importance of indoor air quality and the role an HVAC system plays in that.


What kid doesn’t get excited about using a brush or a roller to transition walls from one color into another? If you’re painting your kids’ rooms, take your kids with you to the paint store so you can pick out the colors together. Then give them a quick safety briefing and make sure they’re wearing painting-appropriate clothing.

If your kids are younger, they might not be able to master the painting techniques that are needed for a smooth finish, but you can help them refine their work. You and your kids will have a sense of pride and accomplishment after the project is done.

Build a Playhouse

Even if you’re not a master carpenter, you and your kids can build a playhouse together. There are kits on the market that come with detailed instructions. Kids who are old enough to use a screwdriver and to hammer in nails will have a blast as they watch their own playhouse be constructed from the ground up. If you don’t want to use a kit, you and the kids can design the playhouse together.

Install Solar Lights

Solar lights are easy to install in your yard — so easy that your kids might even be able to handle the project on their own if you give them proper instructions. Every time they glance outside at night and see those lights, they’ll be happy to know that they were responsible for making that happen.

You want your children to be equipped for the challenges they’ll face later in life, such as all the work that comes with home ownership. Start training them now so they learn valuable and necessary analog skills.