5 Home Automation System That That Makes Life a Lot Easier

Most people would love to have an easier life and that is exactly the whole purpose of home automation systems. If you always wanted to remotely control things in your home then its time you install one of the top home automation systems.

They can simplify your life by integrating all the devices in your home allowing you to just sit back and relax. There are several home automation systems currently available in the market, so choosing the best one requires a bit of research.

Here are five of the top home automation systems you can install in your home.

1. Control4

If you are looking for an all-in-one home automation, then Control4 will be suitable for you. There are very few other home automation systems that are easier to use than Control4. Although it iseasy to use,it will need to be installed professionally by the authorized dealer. For those who are looking for a compact system, Control4 will be ideal.

With Control4 you can control almost every enabled device in your home from one centralized location. You can use the Control4 touchpad, desktop computer, laptop, iPad or any smartphone with an internet connection to control the devices in your home. The system is designed in a way that it enables you to choose a certain set of actions to take place at a particular time. You can also set specific ‘scenes’ like; turn on your home theatre system, draw the curtains, dim the lights, turn on the air conditioner and watch a movie all with the touch of one button.

Though you will not be able to install additional devices on your own, the installation team from the authorized dealer will be able to do that for you. Control4 is very robust and an easy to use home automation solution.

2. mControl

mControl is a very versatile home automation system through which you can control a variety of devices in your home. It is a powerful and flexible system that can control all enabled devices with the option of including other devices in the future. With mControl you can program your own macros with a variety of triggers which can be activated through a remote control or through any desktop computer with an internet connection. mControl also has a voice recognition function through which you can activate macros by speaking into a compatible microphone. With mControl you can easily set triggers to turn off your lights at a particular time in the evening, turn on the security system and adjust the thermostat all with the touch of a button. The system’s interface is clean and easy to use and the macros are easy to program.

3. Savant

Savant home automation is an Apple based home control system which provides the user complete control over video, audio and much more. This system works seamlessly with all Apply products and provides homeowners a fully customizable home automation system. Savant home automation can be expanded for home control upgrades over time. To be able to use Savant’s home automation system you will need to own an Apple product like: iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

You can control just about any enabled device in your home with Savant. For example, by pressing the “Home” button on your Apple device when you come home, you can automatically turn off the security system, open the garage door, turn on specific lights, turn on your music system and adjust the thermostat to a preset temperature. You can choose to have your alarm turn on at a particular time in the morning, open the shades, start the coffee maker and turn on the lights and more, all automatically. Savant also has a couple of preset functions that allow you to turn off or dim the lights, close the shades, and turn on the security system by pressing the “away” button on your Apple device or on the Savant touchpad.

Savant is not for those whose budget is limited. Installing Savant home automation in your home will cost you between $10,000 and $15,000 at the least. It is not a security system though, so you will need to pay a separate cost for that feature when installing Savant at your home.

4. HomeSeer

HomeSeer is another one of the leading home automation systems you can install in your home. It is quite easy to use and puts you in control of almost all the devices in your home. HomeSeer allows users to control and operate devices in their home from anywhere in the world through an internet enabled smartphone or computer. HomeSeerallows you to create your own macros and includes voice recognition capabilities. You can set custom triggers to activate particular devices in your home at a specific time. The system also provides complex triggers for surveillance cameras and motion detectors.

HomeSeer is compatible with several popular programs including major media management programs like iTunes, Windows Media Centre and Windows Media Player. The system has a clean interface and is easy to use which makes it one of the most popular home automation systems in the market. If you are looking for a compact and efficient home automation system, HomeSeer will be ideal for you.

5. Crestron

Crestron is one of the big names in home automation systems. If you are looking for a home automation system that allows you to program “scenes” in each room then Crestron might be what you are looking for. You can set and control the “scenes” with the touch of a button on your iPhone, iPad, iPod, smartphone or a touch screen keypad. You can change the environment in the room by choosing a pre-programmed scene.

Crestron is one of the higher priced home automation systems available and might not be suitable for everyone. However, Crestron is a powerful home automation system and allows homeowners to take full control of all enabled devices in their home and control them with the touch of a button.

Installing a home automation system is not only for the rich and famous but is easily available for just about any homeowner. If you want to make your life easier at home, installing a home automation system could be the answer for you.

By Patriot Bonds