5 Easy Ways to Spruce up Your Bathroom

You don’t have to spend a fortune on bathroom renovations to spruce up one of the most regularly used rooms in your house. The general rule of thumb is not to spend more than five to ten percent of the value of your home for a bathroom renovation, but you don’t have to spend near that much to be happy with your “throne” room. Here are five easy ways to spruce up your bathroom that are low cost, fast and demand little to no effort.

Spruce up Your Bathroom

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Deep Cleaning

Before you assume you need to renovate your bathroom, start cleaning. Limescale and soap scum cake the inside of a shower and render the glass gray and prevent light from entering that space. Rust and mold can darken sinks and other fixtures. Time and limescale can make your toilet look permanently discolored. Combination calcium, lime and rust removers used throughout the bathroom could restore it to its original appearance.

Don’t forget to use bleach water or a mold killer to eliminate that black mold growing in the crevices in your bathroom, with the added benefit of removing that dank smell.


If you want to change the look of your bathroom, consider putting in new wallpaper. Removing the old peeling wallpaper is something you can probably do yourself. Make sure you buy moisture resistant wallpaper and don’t install it on walls that would still get direct exposure to splashes. Self-adhesive paper is the easiest to apply. You can save money by only installing the wallpaper on a single wall away from the tub or shower to alter the look of the room for less material, effort and money.

Storage that Fits the Space

One of the common problems we face in the bathroom is a lack of storage, leaving the bathroom sink and corners of the shower or bath tub cluttered. You can consider hanging shallow shelving on the walls to provide storage without making the room more cramped. An extra row of towel racks, for example, or shower caddy hanging off the side of the shower wall take up little space. Installing a double vanity sink can eliminate the fight over counter space around your old sink; you can find modern bathroom sinks in Toronto at almost any retailer. Another option is building a cabinet around a freestanding sink so that you have storage, with the added benefit that the items kept there aren’t visible to anyone else who uses the space.

Frame Your Bathroom Mirror

Instead of replacing the vanity, the mirror and half a dozen other things, consider framing the mirror. Doing this makes the room seem brighter and creates a larger sense of space, and the frame can serve as extra storage or a home for recessed lighting. You may be able to spray paint the existing mirror frame to change its color. If you don’t have much space around the current mirror, consider replacing the mirror with a wall mounted medicine cabinet that has a mirror on the door.

Update the Hardware

One of the fastest ways to update the bathroom is to update the hardware. Replace the faucets with modern styles and the handles with ones that are easier to use. You should consider replacing the soap dispensers, hooks and certainly a rusting shower caddy. The best choice is selecting all the hardware at the same time so that they all match in color or finish.


The first step to sprucing up the bathroom is a thorough cleaning with the right products, though if that doesn’t work, you need to update the fixtures. If you want to change the way the walls look, consider putting wallpaper on one wall instead of the more expensive option of replacing the tile. Consider storage options that reduce clutter and lighting solutions that make the room brighter like framing the mirror and installing recessed lighting in the frame.