5 Amazing Home Maintenance Tips That Will Save You from Winter

Depending on where you live, you have probably seen the first indication of winter. This is an important period for homeowners as they need to prepare their house for the upcoming bad weather. Snow, rain and ice can all be disastrous for your home. Some of the systems may start malfunctioning given that they haven’t been used since the previous winter.

Luckily for you, we have made a list of 5 most important things that need to be checked. If you do everything on time, you can be certain that the winter will not surprise you in a bad way.

home maintenance tips for winter

1. Checking for cracks

Cracks on your house may appear at any time. Like anything else, your home is subject to wear and tear. Although such a crack may leave a bad impression on your guest, it can pose even greater threat if left alone. During the winter, ice starts forming within them (regardless of whether they are on your house or in the pavement). Ice gradually widens the cracks potentially leading to appearance of holes. Parts of your façade may fall off. Holes will appear in the driveway. The longer you wait with patching, the bigger the cost.

2. Roof issues

Similarly to holes and cracks, damaged roof can also affect structure of your home. Both shingles and gutters can lead to further damage. In case of shingles, water may start pouring through them leaking into your home. Damaged gutter will affect drainage of water which may end on the side of your house. In fact, this is one of the reasons why cracks appear on your house to begin with. Additionally, if there is a lot of debris and leaves in your gutters, it will also affect the way water is being drained. To prevent all of this, make sure to check your roof before snow and rain start pouring.

3. Heating

If you have a furnace, you probably know how much work it takes to prepare it for season. Luckily, most of the maintenance work revolves around cleaning. You will have to take care of your heater, sensors and other parts and clean them thoroughly. Of course, there are some other things that may go wrong with your heater. Due to its importance, it is better to call a professional assistance as you wouldn’t like to start winter seasons without properly working furnace.

4. Fixing isolation

When it comes to holes and cracks, they oftentimes appear around your window frames. This shouldn’t be surprising as the water starts accumulating bellow your window glass. Also, this area is really thin meaning that holes and cracks are more likely to form. Due to this, your heating bills may skyrocket. As if that is not enough, your home will still be colder compared to well-isolated home. Check all the window frames and areas around them. Put silicone in the holes and patch them up quickly.

5. Pool winterization

Even if you live in a warmer region of the country, you should winterize your pool. Damage to pool is really common in colder areas which have a lot of ice and rain. If you are not careful, water may remain in parts of the equipment such as pool pump, hoses, skimmer and pipes. When cold weather arrives, this water will freeze leading to bursts. Water level needs to be lowered below skimmer, water needs to be flushed from pipes, pump and hoses, most of the equipment should be removed and finally, you should place a cover over the pool.

With these awesome tips, you will be prepared for the upcoming winter. Make sure to start your routine checks on time as you wouldn’t like to do it during cold weather, rain and snow.

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