5 Most Affordable LA Neighborhoods for Student Renters

Finding a new home as a student comes with its own unique set of challenges. The area to which you’re moving may not always be familiar and housing searches can be rushed due to school or work obligations.

Additionally, competition can be fierce among other students. On top of all of these issues, making an apartment rental work with your student budget has the potential to limit your housing options; meaning you’ll have to be savvier than ever in order to find the perfect place.

Whether you’re a student or not, Los Angeles apartment rentals have their own distinct set of challenges as well. Fortunately, there’s never been a better time to educate yourself about the various neighborhoods and rental opportunities for students in LA.

Student Renters

To help you get started, here’s a brief guide to five of the most affordable LA neighborhoods for student renters:

1. Koreatown

For those who crave the feel of a “real city” with the price tag of a less expensive area, Koreatown (more casually referred to as “K-Town”) may just be for you. Close to the downtown area, K-town also has the benefit of plentiful public transportation options; including multiple bus lines and the LA Metro purple line train, which is set to expand yet again in the coming years to include even more destinations.

2. Glendale

Located northeast of Los Angeles proper, directly between Burbank and Pasadena, Glendale is known for one of its most appealing qualities for renters: the ability to get more space for less money. Many individuals also enjoy the proximity to areas such as Silver Lake, Eagle Rock, and Echo Park; which enjoy a variety of terrific coffee shops, music venues, along with cultural and community events.

3. Studio City

A popular choice among young professionals and college students; Studio City offers some of the best deals on housing in the Los Angeles area. Studio City is located west of Burbank, directly north of West Hollywood. Apartments tend to be clean, simple. And straightforward (though amenities can be abundant depending on the property), with lots of opportunities to make a particular space your own.

4. West Adams

According to the West Adams Heritage Association, this historical district in Los Angeles is “one of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles.” Homes in this area – both apartment buildings and residential houses alike – have a distinctive character, and are a popular choice among many students, working professionals, and younger renters. One of the best features of the West Adams district is its central location, and commuting to various campuses throughout the city is a breeze, either by car or public transit.

5. Boyle Heights

Traditionally a lower income area just over the bridge east of downtown LA; the Boyle Heights neighborhood has changed dramatically in recent years due to gentrification, as recently noted by the LA Times. Be advised: while there are great deals to be had in this neighborhood; it may be too far for some students, particularly those with campuses on the west side. Schools such as UCLA are likely to be too inconveniently located to for a daily commute, but locations further east, such as USC, may be a reasonable fit.

Whatever neighborhood you choose, be sure to factor in your commute time, transportation options. And the type of neighborhood that will feed your interests and needs as you complete your studies. By doing a bit of homework outside the classroom; you’ll be well on your way to a successful experience as a student renter in LA.