4 Tips for Increasing the Value of Your Home

Looking for the ideal home takes forever and is often exhausting. We think that’s where our involvement ends. However, the value of our home can be increased with some smart moves as a homeowner. Not every action will increase the valuation – some changes people make aren’t the smartest and make the house difficult to sell – but in many cases, intelligent actions boost the marketability and value considerably.

Increasing the Value of Your Home

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Here are a few ideas that aren’t overly costly but will likely deliver a nice bump to the value of your home.

Go Green

Energy-efficiency is a buzz word, but with the increasing cost of heating and lighting bills in Canada (especially during our bitterly cold winters), keeping the electricity and gas bill down is a must.

Old, ineffective ceiling fans are replaceable with modern ones or removed altogether for more attractive fixtures and a standing fan to use only when required. Modern lighting arrangements that use eco-friendly light bulbs and offer variable lighting control from a panel on the wall (and from a mobile app) brings accessibility into the home too.

Kitchen Renovations

Most experts agree that to get the most for your money, a kitchen renovation done right is likely to add the most value. Outdated kitchens put off likely buyers who tend to prefer their next home to come with a modern kitchen that’s immediately usable.

A good kitchen renovation Mississauga City & Oakville, Ontario makes the home more pleasurable to live in. Whether putting in new kitchen units, tile backsplashes, improved flooring, or an island with a granite countertop, overhauling your kitchen offers many benefits. As much as we relax in the lounge, we also spend a considerable time socialising in our kitchens too. So, it’s important for it to feel warm, inviting, and homely.

Upgrade the Flooring

One thing we don’t notice over the years is how worn the carpets get. At a certain point, even a professional carpet cleaning won’t fix the issues when the actual carpet begins to degrade. For carpets that aren’t too old, a professional clean is a good answer. For older carpets, consider replacing them with wooden flooring and throw a rug down to add warmth to the room. When on a tight budget, it’s easy enough to tackle the room with the oldest carpet first and work forward as finances permit.

Repairs & Maintenance

A well-maintained home avoids unexpected issues cropping up later. Small problems become larger ones when not tackled quickly. A build-up of unaddressed issues creates an overall impression that the home hasn’t seen much love in some years. Whether it is friends and family coming to visit for the weekend or you are looking to put your home up for sale, creating a positive first impression is still important.

It’s not necessary to tackle everything at once. Steady improvements to your apartment or house can be performed in batches while seeking professional assistance where needed. Pace yourself and the time invested will pay dividends later.