4 Renovation Projects to Avoid Before Selling

Sometimes, a little elbow grease and improvement can increase your home’s value before you put it on the market. However, homeowners often sink money into projects that don’t increase the value or even make it less marketable. Before you start swinging hammers and buying expensive fixtures, make sure you know what renovations will help and which ones to avoid. Below are four projects that are better left undone.

1. Replacing Original Fixtures

Stop thinking of that fireplace or those hardwood floors as old and start selling them as vintage. Unless there is significant damage or the structure is unsafe, it is better to repair the home’s original features than to replace them with modern counterparts. What once was old can be new again with some elbow grease and a little know-how.

2. Adding Waterworks

Many people consider hot tubs and swimming pools to be incredible additions to a home. Sure, they can be enjoyable and fun for your whole family, but don’t expect to get much of the money you spend on such things to come back around. After the considerable expense of building a pool or sauna and the significant cost of running either, you will more likely see a loss.

3. Installing New Carpet

Carpet is out, and wood is in, according to a study from the National Association of Realtors. In fact, 54 percent of home buyers said they would pony up extra money for a home with hardwood floors. However, the respondents weren’t so fond of carpet. Skip the carpet and go for wood. If you have a shabby carpet and are considering installing traditional hardwood flooring, then the investment is worth it; to pay for the expense, releasing cash from your home with a reverse mortgage deal can be a good solution for many homeowners.

4. Non-Neutral Paint

Sure, it should be easy for potential buyers to look past any paint colors they despise, but people just don’t work that way. When you go to sell, potential buyers will want to imagine what their life would be like in this house. If the paint colors are too bright or bold, that may be harder to do, and you could get lower bids. Do yourself a favor and stick to neutrals.

Getting your house ready to sell can be a fun and exciting thing to do. However, it can be discouraging to see all your efforts amount to no added value. Spare yourself the frustration and financial trouble and skip these four home improvement projects. Your home’s next residents will thank you with a better offer.