4 Outrageously Priced Luxury Home Appliances

Appliances are the lifeblood of the modern household, but there is a massive difference between the cheap goods favored by the average person and the pricey stuff in the homes of the rich and fabulous. While the price on some of these tech toys is enough to give someone an acute case of sticker shock, the innovative features and beautiful styling on them makes them worth it to some.

Blendtec Stealth Blender

Stealth might sound like a trait engineered into a cutting-edge military aircraft, but anyone who hears a loud noise in the kitchen while they are trying to watch television can appreciate the idea of the stealth blender. While quieter blenders have long been a dream of kitchen appliance manufacturers, the Blendtec brand has a strong case with their Stealth Blender. In addition to its whisper-quiet action, the Stealth has multiple settings on its elegant control panel and careful engineering, letting users operate and clean it with ease. At $2,300, it’s unlikely you’ll see this appliance in the average kitchen anytime soon.

Wolf Stovetop

Wolf Stovetop

Image via Flickr by mel0808johnson

Wolf is a stovetop manufacturing concern with a reputation for quality respected by high-flying chefs and the wealthy elite alike. Their ranges and stovetops are not cheap but always bake in the quality and taste that can only come from the best-engineered cooking appliances in the world. Their prices vary from a bit over a thousand dollars and up, which makes them a not inconsiderable investment, though a frequent cook will certainly get their money’s worth out of it; when purchasing a high-end appliance like this, it’s probably a good idea to get a TotalProtect home warranty to protect your investment.

Skybar Wine Preservation & Serving System

Wine can be a dicey proposition. While having a glass is a great way to spend a quiet evening in, opening a bottle is a commitment to drinking an amount that you may not be willing to make. There are ways to preserve the opened bottle, but they might seem like a bit of a pain on short notice. The Skybar system helps out by tapping and preserving a bottle, giving you access to the delicious contents whenever you want with a set of spigots. At $1,000, the Skybar system isn’t for casual wine drinkers but is a great solution for aficionados.

Venus Century Espresso Machine

Victoria Arduino is both the name of a high-end espresso brand and the name of the wife of the founder of the company. Victoria the person lived for a hundred years, so the Venus Century is a tribute to her long and successful life. With a classical styling that will appeal to antique collectors and fans of games like BioShock alike, the Venus Century was produced in a very limited and exclusive run. The $20,000 price tag is steep but attests to the degree of artistry and craftsmanship that went into every machine produced.

Though you might not be able to afford these luxury items today, take heart. Features in high-end appliances often eventually migrate to the rest of the market as costs come down. Looking at these items is not just a case of wishful thinking — it is the future.