4 Modern Garage Door Designs You Should Check Out

Simply having the right garage door on your home, can be a key to not only enhancing curb appeal, but can also have a major impact on the value of your home. That’s a two in one investment and who wouldn’t want that?

What with good looks and style, at a modest cost, and a solid return on your investment, new garage doors are becoming more and more fashionable these days, and not only in Australia.

Garage Door Designs

Big Four

But what design, you might ask? Well, let’s have a look at 4 kinds of Perth garage doors out there, which just might perfectly suit your needs and tastes.

Canopy Door

This type of door swings outwards as it opens and then slides upwards into the ceiling of the garage, leaving one-third of the door outside the garage and using less room inside. You will be unable to park too close to the garage door, should you wish to enter. Canopy doors are easily installed as the entire door mounts to the door frame and there are no tracks required inside the garage. These are usually of the manual type and are usually available in steel, timber, GRP and ABS. This downside is that they usually create a fairly draughty garage.

Sectional Doors

These kind of doors (made of separate horizontal hinged panels) fit on the rear surface of the front brickwork of the garage, and will need a small amount of clear brickwork to the sides and top of your opening. The whole door rises upwards and then backwards into the ceiling area. A door frame is not required, which increases the available drive-through width. These provide better insurance against the weather, can be motorised, and are usually made of steel.

Roller Doors

These doors are a single curtain that rolls up into your garage ceiling. They fit on the rear surface of the front brickwork of a garage, and thus need a small amount of clear brickwork to the sides. The complete door rises upwards and then rolls up onto a spindle in the ceiling area. A door frame is not required, which increases the drive-through width. Motorised and insulated versions are available with good security and good weather protection and are manufactured from steel, aluminium and wood. For top quality and affordable roller garage doors, simply click here.

Side Hinge Doors

These are traditional looking garage doors that are manufactured in timber, GRP or steel. Side hinge doors open externally and will therefore require good clearance upon being opened, so not really the best if you have a short driveway, a rising driveway, or a door that opens out onto a public area. Should there be no clearance inside your garage to allow for an up and over door, then perhaps a good choice. Motorisation of this type of door is possible with the use of a side hinge converter that connects each wing to the electric operator, but security is not the best.


Whatever kind of garage door you decide upon, make sure it is one that you are totally comfortable with and makes your home just the way you want it! Perfect!