4 Benefits of a Virtual Office for Small Businesses

If you want your small business to have a professional, legitimate image, you probably think that you need to invest in a physical office. After all, having an office space filled with blooming plants, modern furniture, and a fancy view looks impressive to clients, which means they’ll put their trust in you, right? Well, not exactly.

As the world becomes more virtual, a physical office isn’t as necessary for small businesses since more companies now opt for virtual offices. A virtual office is one in which you and your employees work from home while paying a fee to have an official telephone number and mailing address. Virtual offices are the perfect setup for small businesses and startups getting off the ground. Learn about four benefits a virtual office offers for small businesses.

Why a virtual office could be advantageous for your small business

Virtual Office for Small Businesses

Image via Flickr by Travis Isaacs

If the idea of a virtual office intrigues you, explore some of the following advantages it can offer:

  • A legitimate corporate address and phone number. Customers tend to look favorably on businesses that have a local number, considering them more trustworthy. Having an official mailing address is vital to building your business credit.
  • Improved worker productivity. When Gini Dietrich, Chief Executive Officer of Arment Dietrich Inc., switched her company to a virtual office, she saw employee productivity soar. Since her staff eliminated the time they used to commute and get ready for the day, they were able to spend their time working instead.
  • Less overhead costs. You’ll not only save on rent costs by having a virtual office, but you’ll also save on other costs associated with a physical business. For example, electricity, technology, office supplies, and break room supplies are a few of the costs you’ll be able to take out of your budget and put back into your business.
  • Flexibility with employees and clients. With a virtual office, you won’t be limited to one area, but you can seek employees and clients in cities like Chicago, New York City, London, or Beijing. Since the modern business world is growing more and more global, why wouldn’t you want to keep your options open?

Use a working capital loan to finance your virtual office

A working capital loan for your virtual office from companies, an online lender of business loans, is ideal for small businesses. A working capital loan can offer cash to run the day-to-day expenses of a business, such as investing in a virtual office. While a virtual office is cheaper than a physical office, you’ll still have costs associated with a virtual office, and a working capital loan can come in handy. Since these loans act as unsecured debt, you won’t have to offer traditional collateral.

While having a physical office can present a professional image, you can find benefits for opting for a virtual office instead. With a working capital loan, financing a virtual office is easier than ever, allowing you to get your business off the ground. So, replace the traditional office for a virtual one. It’s a decision that countless other small businesses are making.