3 Unique Home Design Features That Will Make Your Property Stand-Out In the Market

Thought leader Seth Godin teaches that to make it in the world of selling people must use the “purple cow” approach. They must create something that is so different that it stands out dramatically. Think about how eye-catching a purple cow would look in a field of regular old cows.

Apply this advice to real estate for an advantage over your competitors. Initiate a sale by first catching the buyer’s attention. Here are three unique home design features that will make your property stand out in a sea of real estate listings.

Permeable Driveway

When you look for a feature that will make your house stand out to a potential buyer, think about the aspects of your house that no one else around you can claim. A permeable driveway isn’t very common but is said to be healthier than the asphalt counterpart. This will stick in your buyer’s’ mind, especially if they are health conscious.

Dog Wash Station

A buyer who loves their pooch will be sure to remember your home if you point out your unique dog wash station. An outdoor washing area with a waist high platform can be a great time-saver for pet lovers. This would be especially true for an older buyer who values a clean home.

They will remember your home as the one that will keep muddy paws spotless, and this tiny detail could just seal the deal. You might be tempted to discount this. Before you do consider how much humans love their pets.

One study showed that the connection between human to a dog could release oxytocin in the brain, which is the same hormone that the bond between mother and baby releases. The relationship between a dog owner and his or her pet is compelling. You can use it to your advantage when selling your home.

Vintage or Antique Elements

Does your home have an old claw foot bathtub or a decorative indoor water fountain? Enhance these distinctive features by showcasing them with colors or decor. Place bright tiles behind the fountain, or play up the colors of your bathroom to draw attention to the vintage tub. Feelings of nostalgia can make people experience positive and optimistic emotions. The historical elements of your home are selling points, so don’t let them slide by unnoticed.

These three features are just a starting point. Consider the way that your property stands apart from the rest, and you may be able to come up with more unique selling-points for your home.