3 Easiest Ways To Earn Money Online

There are several ways to earn money online and it is a well-known fact that blogging is the most reliable way for making money online internet. As every one cannot involve in blogging for several reasons from lack of knowledge to patience it’s better to stay away from it unless you’re 100% confident in what you’re doing. For people who hate blogging I have a solution where you can make money easily without straining a lot.

3 Easiest ways to make money online without straining a lot:

  1. Paid to view ads:

Getting paid for viewing ads is one of the easiest way to make money online. A paid to view ad site will pay somewhere between a cent to 5 cents depending on the ad type and amount of time the ad being viewed etc. These programs do not need any special qualification instead you need a PC with internet connection that has unique IP.

Registration is pretty simple, just create an account using your email ID and verify it. You can log into your account immediately in no time. In the menu bar click view ads to proceed. Number of advertisements will be displayed on the ads page as shown below.

Click the ad to view the advertisements for the time you’re asked to maybe 5 to 60 seconds. The 60 seconds ads will have more pay compared to 5 second ads. A time bar will load at the top of the window and after loading you will be asked to prove you’re not a human by solving captcha. Solve it and you’re done. Account will be credited instantly with the notified amount.


The earnings totally depend on the number of factors like number of sites you’re working on, downline strength and understanding the strategy. Most of the people earn only few cents to a dollar every day, but few earn reliable money like $10 – $20 per day by understanding the strategy very well. It gives them an extra $500 dollars at the month end. Here are some best ptc sites that pays their members on time.

  1. Get paid to complete offers and surveys:

Get paid to sites offers several ways to earn money from their site. The offers will vary from site to site which may include completing micro tasks, answering surveys, downloading apps, reading mails, watching videos, listening to radio, reviewing products, social media activities etc. Among these participating in online surveys are very reliable. People from top tier countries can earn up to $10 per survey, where $3 can be expected by the Asians, Africans and people from few European countries. Surveys will be normally about the products, services, travel, Information technology, health etc.

A survey might contain 10 to 50 contains and the pay will be based on the the length and difficulty. Coming to micro tasks get paid for completing simple tasks like finding the authors of articles, verifying bills, cross checking etc. In case of watching videos, playing games, reading mails etc you can expect few cents from them. By working 1 to 2 hours every day you can earn $10 or more every day and as said earlier, the earnings totally depend on your geo location.

  1. Earn money by typing online:

Person with good typing skills can earn $2 – $3 every hour by typing what they see in the image. This process is simply called as captcha work. The conversion of image to text which is used for security purpose is called as captcha filling. Captcha entry companies will receive thousands of dollars from the companies those who use their API and in turn captcha entry sites pay a part of money to their members for their support on development.


Captcha entry is really simple and all we need is speed to earn reliable. An example of captcha typing is given above. The word in the image has to be typed in the given text box. After typing we have to hit the enter button to load the next image. We have to continue to type at constant pace to earn $3 or more per hour. Good typers can complete a captcha within 3 – 5 seconds. The pay on captcha entry sites will vary according to bidding.

The captcha bid will be higher at the US daylight time compared to Asian day light time. So, we have to choose the best time to earn more money. Working at peak hour in low speed is equal to working at high speed in other timing. This is the best online typing job as other typing jobs require qualifications like certificates, passing grammar test etc.

Final words:

Hope now you’re aware of the online money making programs that most of the people would never know. I recommend you to try the combination of all the programs given above to find the best program which workout for you very well. Among them earning money by typing is the most stressful job, but the availability of work is high compared to any other site.

One can work 24/7 on captcha entry sites but on get paid to sites the opportunities are very limited and especially for people from tier – 2 and tier – 3 countries.